The Trendiest Home Colours


There are plenty of reasons why blue and green are popular colours in today’s homes. Aside from being great at creating a relaxing mood, these hues are must-haves if you are into creating comfortable, tasteful spaces at home.

Unlike constructing costly design features, painting a wall is a comparatively effortless renovation task that still nets you great results. Take a peek into these beautiful homes, and you’ll see why it’s worth dressing yours up in the colours of the sea and the sky.

Interior Firm: Home Philosophy

Here, stylish mint green seats and indoor flora intermingle in the main living spaces to create a visually calming ‘homescape’ that is both chic and relaxing. The bedrooms also use a similar approach to the natural look by making use of the same decorative elements, warm metallic accents and snug textiles.

Interior Firm: Prozfile Design

While it’s used sparingly in this simple and tidy condo apartment, navy blue makes a distinctive appearance as an accent colour in various areas.

Interior Firm: Fineline Design

Adopting a ‘dark’ approach to Nordic home décor, this three-room apartment features heavy blue and green accents, in place of the usual white-and-wood combination. Despite the change in colours, the entire house still manages to come off as clean and minimalist, thanks in no small part to useful (and eye-catching) storage cabinets installed at the back of the living room.

Interior Firm: Archive Design

Emeralds take centre stage in this condominium home where a floor-to-ceiling TV console, dressed in bright green laminates, occupies the front of the living room. The array of light and dark blues in the bedrooms, also lend an air of tranquillity to their surroundings.

Interior Firm: Linear Space Concepts

In this eclectic home which marries solid blues, bright greens and Peranakan motifs, a collection of rooms that are the perfect mix of Asian flair and casual chic are produced. 

Interior Firm: D5 Studio Image

Showing how it’s possible to achieve the perfect palette with just one accent colour, the varying shades of blue here is proof that you don’t have to turn to gaudy hues to achieve a dramatic home. In the kitchen, electric blue cabinets make for an unconventional, but interesting sight, whereas duller, more toned-down versions create a cosy, welcoming atmosphere in the bedrooms and living areas.

Interior Firm: Happe Design Atelier

A touch of toned-down colour offsets the drabness of grey walls and stark white flooring quite in this home. A soft green accent wall gives the living room much-needed vitality without breaking the serenity of the surroundings.

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