This Is Exactly How Many Salads Kim Kardashian Eats In A Week


By The Editors of Eat This, Not That!

Don’t ruin your perfectly healthy salads with one of these caloric, fattening, or sugar-laden dressing disasters.

Salads seem like the perfect meal for weight loss: they’re chock-full of vegetables, you can add filling and protein-packed lean meat, and with some hearty toppings like nuts or avocado, you get your fill of heart-healthy fats.

But you can totally ruin this perfectly waist-friendly meal when you reach for a bottle of dressing. You would never dump several packets of sugar or a glop of high fructose corn syrup on your lunch, yet that’s what you’re getting with some of these grocery store favorites. And while heart-healthy oils like olive oil can help you absorb the vitamins from your salad veggies, many of these are made with cheap and inflammatory vegetable oils, which can be worse for you than sugar.

So when you’re thinking about building your healthy salad, steer clear of these bottled dressings. And be sure to watch out for The 20 Worst Restaurant Salads in America.


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