What’s Trending in Singapore Homes for 2019


It’s that time of the year again. It’s the season for an interior facelift.

We consulted a number of local interior designers to get their thoughts on what will be trending in 2019. Here’s what they had to share:

1. Fluidity 

Interior Firm: Habit

“Not having a clear-cut decor style is going to be the new thing moving forward. What’s happening is that the themes that we know, like Industrial, Mid-Century Modern and Scandinavian, are all coming together. There are influences carrying over from one style to another, which gives us unique fusions like Scandustrial and Japandi.”

– Lucas Ma from Hue Concept Interior Design

“Familiar interior styles will be re-invented. We will see more mix-and-match looks. For example, features like bold colours from Bohemian decor, or sophisticated geometric designs from the Art Deco style are likely to start showing up in traditionally simple Scandinavian spaces.”

– Lanesty Asilo from U-Home Interior Design

2. The Modern Japanese Aesthetic 

Interior Firm: asolidplan

“I feel that the popular Scandinavian theme has been losing steam. Recently, more people have been asking for a modern, minimalist Japanese-inspired look, which has a darker contrast than Scandinavian. This style tends to mix light woods with darker details or fixtures, like black track lights, instead of the usual whites.”

– Asyiah Lee from Craftwerkz Interior

3. The Dark Side 

Interior Firm: Third Avenue Studio

“I’m predicting hat there are going to be more homes using darker hues. Generally, trends undergo a cycle, so instead of having everything in light tones, like we have seen for the past few years; we are probably going to see duller tones coming into play more often, such as dark woods as well as green and blue accents.”

– Daphne Gan from Meter Square

4. Trend to Try: Book-Matching with Marble

Image Credit: Lamitak

“Book matching is a technique that creates a beautiful symmetrical pattern by putting two mirrored pieces of marble side-by-side each other. If you wish to try this out, there are also marble laminates that you can use, which are less expensive and easier to work with than actual marble.”

– Raymond Seow from Free Space Intent

5. Useful Build-Ins are Here to Stay…

Interior Firm: The Makers Design Studio

“Although loose furniture can be moved around easily, built-ins are going to stay, and they are going to be even more valuable in the future. This would be particularly useful since local houses are getting smaller and homeowners will need more ways to maximise dead or tight corners for storage.”

– Cecil Oh from The Makers Design Studio

6. … and So is Greenery

Image Credit: @houseofchais

“There are many ways to beautify a home, but nothing beats having plants indoors. I expect more homeowners to put their green fingers to use in 2019!”

– Diana Yap from Dyel Design

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