2 new concepts at Habitat by honestbee include a seafood bar and a cocktail spot


After the opening of habitat by honestbee’s high-tech grocery and dining space last year, the swanky supermarket spot is welcoming two new names to its roster of 15 existing eateries. The first, hama hama, is a seafood bar with Asian-centric small plates and a seasonal sharing menu. Oysters are the main attraction here, with nine types that vary from French to Irish, prepped in five cooking styles including breadcrumbs with mentaiko aioli and cucumber granita.

The food at hama hama. Photo: honestbee

White and blue tiles cover the kitchen and bar, with gold and brass elements, and guests who want to be in the center of all the action can plop down on counter seats before polishing off plates like truffle udon with shio kombu ($15.90), bouchot mussels with hae bee hiam (dried shrimp) powder ($22/200g), and hamachi collar with ginger shoyu ($25.90).

Calamansi meringue tart. Photo: honestbee

Sweets like calamansi meringue tart ($8.90) and a Milo & Nescafe confection ($6.90) are also available, along with cocktails such as the Best Drink Ever ($18), a mix of Japanese blended whisky, junmai ginjo sake, yuzu juice, roasted sesame syrup, and aromatic bitters — you can decide for yourself if it truly lives up to its name.

For a creative cocktail experience, head over to b bar for classic drinks that are reimagined with local and Asian flavors with gastronomy techniques like fat-washing, sous vide infusion, milk clarification, and even the use of a bee smoker.

The drinks at b bar. Photo: honestbee

Hidden beyond the Wine and Spirits alley, the sleek watering hole comes as somewhat of a surprise in the grocery store, with brass and stone beautifying the place.

Categorized from low to high ABV (alcohol by volume), the beverage list includes the light Americano Tartufo ($18) of sweet vermouth fat-washed with Italian white truffle oil, IPA beer cordial, and soda water, a medium-strength mix of bourbon, natural cola cordial, lime juice, and full cream milk in the Milky Whey ($20), and the potent Bienvenido ($22) made with aged rum, rye whiskey, pineapple cordial, coffee liqueur, and maldon salt.

The Beehive. Photo: honestbee

You’ll also find non-alcoholic “cocktails” on the menu in inventive blends like Cold Brew Colada ($10) with Hinoki cold brew coffee, Lazy Loaf kaya jam, and pineapple cordial. Plus, gin and tonic drinks come in varieties such as the Beehive ($20) made with gin rested with beeswax, elderflower liqueur, sesame oil, grapefruit tonic water, and white sesame toasted with honey.


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