ASOS is selling a Hype see-through plastic bag for £15


ASOS never fails to baffle even the most experimental of fashion devotees so it comes as no surprise to see that the online retailer is now selling a completely see-through plastic bag for £15.

Eagle-eyed customers will have noticed that the clear tote shopping bag by streetwear label Hype is up for grabs – a chic upgrade on your 5p Sainsbury’s bag, no?

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But if you thought it fit to carry your shopping on the bus ride home then you’re wrong, as ASOS claims the accessory is simply designed to “upgrade your outfit”.

Will you be making a beeline for the latest ASOS must-have? [Photo: ASOS]

It’s seemingly practical too (minus the completely see-through exterior), as there’s a side compartment for easy storage and you can “give it a wipe with a dry cloth” to clean. Just make sure not to stash away any valuables in there…

Though it’s not the first time the fashion industry has tried to sell us shopping bags for an eye-watering sum.

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The £960 Balenciaga leather tote proves Instagram cat-nip for bloggers far and wide despite looking identical to the gift bags found in New York department stores.

Balenciaga leather tote bag, £960

While LVMH Prize-nominated label, Stefan Cooke, is currently selling totes inspired by disposable shopping bags.

The tongue-in-cheek design is crafted from biodegradable paper fibres and if you don’t consider yourself an avid treasure hunter then no need to fear, as the bags are printed with photographs of chic vintage handbags.

Priced at 405 a pop they may not be for everyone but a number of social media users expressed their delight at the new launch.

One commented on the Instagram post, “Saw these bags at the weekend in Carlos Place, they are super cool”.

While another simply wrote, “So beautiful.”

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