Female doctor calls Barclaycard sexist


A woman has accused Barclaycard of ‘sexism‘ and ‘misogyny’ after finding herself unable to register as both female and a doctor.

Nikki, an NHS GP based in Manchester, took to Twitter after filling out an online application form on the credit card company’s website.

After selecting the title “Dr” and the gender “Female” on the form, she received an error message reading: “Your gender does not match the title you provided. Please check and try again.”

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Nikki shared the post with her followers, calling out the company directly for the system error – and suggesting it was an example of “everyday sexism”.

Some users were outraged by the suggestion women couldn’t be classified as doctors, calling out Barclaycard.

Others – including women who worked as doctors and professors – shared their own examples of gender discrimination.

However, one person discovered the issue was more likely a technical glitch than actual sexism – pointing out the “doctor” and “male” combination also failed.

Nikki later updated her Twitter followers, confirming that Barclaycard had processed her card application after the “technical glitch”.

Barclaycard also confirmed their systems were “certainly not programmed” to not accept female doctors.

While Nikki’s experience may have been more down to a system error rather than sexism, many still face gender-based issues in modern society – from the pay gap to sexual harassment.

It was only earlier this month that Virgin Atlantic finally ditched compulsory make-up for female air stewards.

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