How racially diverse is your town? Look up using our tool.


New Jersey is known to be a racially diverse state but data shows that the tapestry is unevenly woven across its many towns.

Over the last two weeks, we published stories on the most and least diverse towns in the state. We got requests from many readers for numbers for their town that wasn’t part of those posts. So we created a lookup tool that will allow you to see exactly how your town fared.

We calculated the racial diversity index for all towns in N.J. Most measures of race in an area look at the percent of minorities or the percent of one particular racial group. The diversity index asks a different question: How well-balanced are all the racial groups in this town?

Developed by Phil Meyer of of the University of North Carolina and Shawn McIntosh of USA Today in 1991, the diversity index formula calculates the likelihood that two random people from the same area would be from different races.

A note about the data: The numbers in this story are from the 2013-2017 American Community Survey conducted by the Census Bureau. Towns with population of 10,000 or less were excluded from the analysis.

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