I tried a body-tightening treatment that uses microwaves to target body fat cells


Long gone are the days where women subject themselves to dangerous methods like liposuction to remove fat cells – modern technology these days have introduced non-invasive treatments to target women’s issues. One treatment as such is ONDA, a treatment machine that employs Coolwaves, a system that generates controlled microwaves to target fat cells for the purpose of body contouring. For some, you could also use this treatment to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Post-Chinese New Year, after all the massive pigging out, I decided to try a session of ONDA to target my stomach area. Dr. Lee Shu Jin from Plastic Surgery by S J Lee Clinic at Mount Elizabeth Hospital first assessed my concerns – she acknowledged my area of concern, and used a special measuring ruler: “Yes, from a pinch test, if the area of concern has more than 4.5cm of flab, you can proceed with the treatment.” Mind you, Dr. Lee said even the amount of exercises I do (which includes a mix of yoga, circuit training and cardio), could not help to reduce the fat ratio around my waistline. Thankfully, I have about 2.5cm of flab which does not sound too drastic! She suggests running up to three session of treatment to see better results.


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A therapist takes my before picture and I get changed into a robe. Lying down on the bed, I was advised that there will be some heating sensation and to share my concerns if the pain is unbearable. The downtime is less than a day, but I will be feeling some sensations akin to having menstrual cramps.

ONDA machine emits microwaves that helps target fat cells and tighten skin

Using a handpiece, the therapist first rotate the round end on both my left and right sides of my body to tighten the skin area. It was comfortable, and the sensation felt like a mini massage. Following which, the therapist then rotates the handpiece on my stomach area, moving sideways, like a rubbing motion. The microwaves emitted from the machine is designed to beam 20% percent of the energy to the skin’s dermis while the remaining 80% penetrates into the fat cells. The whole treatment session lasts about 45 minutes and it was over in a jiffy.

The next day, I did experience some cramping sensation which lasted a few hours; uneasy, yes, but soon it passed over. I noticed a slight tightening around my waistline by the third day, but I am a firm believer of continuing on with my gym exercises and watching my diet.

On first impressions, going on the treatments alone seem like a quick fix, but by understanding your body, and eating well and healthy, one can balance an intended result with the help of technology.



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