Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner Prove the Couple That Sleazes Together Stays Together


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Couples that meticulously match their outfits are creepy. (There, I said it.) But couples that almost match their outfits with subtle color-coordination and a general alignment of vibes? Those couples are a blessing, here to bring more joy into the world with their masterful ‘fits. Which is why I couldn’t help but crack a smile when I saw a shot of Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner walking around NYC and wordlessly declaring themselves a part of the latter-better-couple camp.

It doesn’t hurt, of course, that the two are leaning into a slightly sleazy vibe that feels so perfectly on point as winter gives way to spring and, eventually, summer.

Photo credit: Say Cheese! – Getty Images

Turner’s crop top and and mechanic’s jacket have just the right amount of contextual push-and-pull-a little bit workwear and a lotta bit not. Great, even on its own. But it’s her Louis Vuitton sweats that connect her outfit to her fiancé’s, thanks to a bold hit of red that echoes the pop of color on Jonas’s denim jacket from Heron Preston. They both anchored things with black, hype-y sneakers-his by Adidas and hers by Vuitton, like her sweats.

It’s not matching, which is crucial, but it gives you the distinct impression that the two planned things out in the, “Hey, hon, don’t you think this jacket would look cool next to your pants?” vein of things. That, or they’re both so synched up that they didn’t even think about it and still wound up with the same result.

Either way, I’m hoping it’s proof that the couple that sleazes together, stays together. I want these two crazy kids to make it. I need more of their outfits in my life.

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