Marvel Studios will produce ‘What If’ TV Series for Disney+


In possibly the most surprising news of the day, Marvel Studios will turn one of Marvel’s strangest comics into an animated series for Disney+, the studios upcoming streaming service, according to /Film.

The comic, called ‘What If…’, was an anthology series examining turning points in Marvel’s history, imagining alternate worlds where key characters’ lives unfolded differently.

The series included some truly weird premises, including turning Wolverine into the Lord of the vampires, transforming Marvel’s writers and artists into the Fantastic Four, and postulating what would happen if Venom had possessed The Punisher.

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To be fair, we’d watch all of those, but you can expect all of the Disney+ episodes to tie directly to the MCU, with one of the announced episodes adapting ‘What If? Vol.1 #47’ which explored the idea of ‘What if Loki had found the hammer of Thor?’

That means that potential future episodes could include ‘What If… Thanos Joined The Avengers?’ ‘What If… Captain America Had Led An Army Of Super Soldiers In World War II?’ And ‘What If… The Gamma Bomb Spawned A Thousand Hulks?’ and many more.

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One of the most exciting reveals in /Film‘s exclusive is that Marvel Studios will be hitting up the current stars of the MCU to reprise their roles for the one-off episodes of the anthology series.

The low-commitment for the series would mean Disney could accommodate some of the biggest Marvel talent.

That means that Avengers: Endgame might not be the last we see of some of our favourite heroes, after all. Because if we don’t don’t see an adaptation of ‘What If… Iron Man Was Trapped In The Time Of King Arthur?’ featuring the voice of Robert Downey Jr, as soon as possible, we won’t feel so good.


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