Matthew Ho, Rebecca Zhu reunite in new TVB drama


20 Mar – TVB actors Matthew Ho and Rebecca Zhu are united once again in the upcoming TVB series, “The Great Soy Factory” (working title).

As reported on On CC, Matthew, who was rumoured to be dating Rebecca since working together in “A General, A Scholar and A Eunuch” two years ago, will be playing the role of Man Cheuk Fung, the heir of a soy sauce business during the Republican era in China.

On the other hand, Rebecca will play the role of a lower-class factory worker. The two characters will often bicker with each other but inspire one another at the same time.

Speaking about their collaboration, Matthew jested that the two of them will spend a lot of time together until they get bored of each other.

As for Rebecca, the actress said that Matthew is her good luck charm, as she won Best Supporting Actress the last time they worked together.

The upcoming series co-stars Hugo Ng, James Ng, Kaman Kong, and Katy Kung.

(Photo Source: On CC)


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