McDonald’s Singapore brings back McGriddles and Twister Fries and launches new Crispy Chicken


People are trying to resell limited edition McDonald’s hoodies for as much as $300 after customers queued overnight to snap up all 100 of them within minutes of the latest relaunch of the McGriddles sandwich on Wednesday morning (27 February).

The one-day-only promotional offer by McDonald’s Singapore was available only at the Springleaf Tower outlet in Tanjong Pagar. From 10am onwards, 100 customers were given a free hoodie together with a purchase of a Sausage McGriddles with Egg meal, which costs $6. The breakfast item combines maple syrup-infused griddle cakes with a chicken sausage patty.

When Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore arrived at Springleaf Tower right before the hoodie giveaway at 10am, there was a long queue which began from the entrance of the McDonald’s outlet and stretched around the building. Some of the customers had been queueing since 9pm the previous night.

The hoodie is a free-size grey sweatshirt with a stylised graphic of the McGriddles sandwich on the back.

Civil servant Jet Chew, 30, said she was buying the McGriddles for a friend and was queueing for the hoodie instead. “Most of them were here by 9pm plus or 10pm plus last night but I was here at 10pm,” said Chew.

Student Yu Zheng Heng, 17, was also in the queue. He said, “I think the McGriddles are one of the better breakfast burgers that they have, but I’m here more for the hoodie. I can always still get the McGriddles tomorrow.”

A check on online marketplace Carousell showed that sellers were offering the limited edition hoodie for prices ranging from $200 to $325.

Sellers on Carousell offering the McDonald’s McGriddles hoodie at high prices.

Since there are only 100 of these hoodies in Singapore, people might actually be willing to buy them from resellers at such ridiculous prices.

The McGriddles will be officially launched only on Thursday (28 Feb) and will be available only during breakfast hours. There are two versions of the McGriddles – Sausage Mcgriddles ($4.50) and Sausage McGriddles with Egg ($5.40).

Besides bringing back McGriddles, McDonald’s is also serving the beloved Twister Fries again (so soon after Chinese New Year!) as well as launching a new menu item, Crispy Chicken.

The Chocolate Pie dessert is also back on the menu for a limited period.

Here’s what the promotional and new menu items look like:

McDonald’s Sausage McGriddles. (Photo: McDonald’s Singapore)

McDonald’s Sausage McGriddles with Egg. (Photo: McDonald’s Singapore)

McDonald’s Crispy Chicken Feast, including the Chocolate Pie. (Photo: McDonald’s Singapore)

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