Not easy for women to plim plim wearing dungarees


Photograph: Alys Tomlinson/Getty Images/Cultura RFYour article (Romance novelist sent PM remedies and ‘magic acorn’, 9 March) states that Margaret Thatcher received letters from Barbara Cartland about the “Golden Acorn” and other “remedies”, and that Emmanuel Kaye, who took a keen interest in alternative therapies, also visited her. The assumption seems to be that she took these seriously. Kaye was my father-in-law. He often sent or gave me “remedies” for which I thanked him politely, but I never took them. As a doctor’s daughter I thought they were nonsense. My assumption would be that Thatcher, having been a research chemist, did the same. Louise Kaye London• We were disappointed to read Sarah Frankcom’s comments. To state that world-class training for actors is available in London “but it’s not equitable regionally” (New Lamda boss Sarah Frankcom: ‘radical’ solutions required for drama schools,, 28 February) is to ignore the excellent work done by many regional schools including Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, Oxford School of Drama, LIPA, Royal Welsh College, Royal Scottish and the Manchester School of Theatre. It also perpetuates the narrative that nothing worthy happens outside London. David Salter Programme leader, BA (Hons) Acting, Manchester School of Theatre• Steve Flatley complains that Jeremy Corbyn has not included MPs to his right (Letters, 13 March). He seems to have forgotten that after Corbyn’s election a large chunk of the then shadow cabinet refused to serve under him; and that many less senior centre and centre-right MPs were indeed appointed to the shadow cabinet but subsequently chose to resign and express no confidence in the party leader. Perhaps it is the parliamentary Labour party that has mishandled the party leader, not the other way round. Peter McKenna Liverpool• On a family visit to a small island off Stockholm about 40 years ago, in the bathroom of our log cabin were two free-standing receptacles (Letters, 12 March). One had a notice above it marked “plim plim”, the other read “plom plom”. No further instructions needed, however basic your Swedish happened to be. John Machin Calverley, West Yorkshire• I remember wearing dungarees in the 1980s (Liberated and louche – all hail the boilersuit!, G2, 13 March). Maybe masculine liberation, but going to the toilet was a right faff for us females. I’ll never be tempted again. Val Mainwood Wivenhoe, Essex• Your article (NHS England plans to scrap A&E waiting time target, 12 March) reminds me of the old farmer’s advice: the best way to keep a bull in a field is to remove the fence. Allan Cheetham Romford, London• I need to know how to make Tim Dowling’s “spicey ricey” (Weekend, 9 March). Will the recipe be featured in a future edition of Feast? Helen Mair Rowlands Gill, Tyne and Wear • Join the debate – email• Read more Guardian letters – click here to visit• Do you have a photo you’d like to share with Guardian readers? Click here to upload it and we’ll publish the best submissions in the letters spread of our print edition


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