Sophie Turner Pounded Wine on a Jumbotron and the Jonas Brothers Can’t Deal


From Cosmopolitan

  • Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner was caught on a Jumbotron during a Rangers game Tuesday night and fully pounded her red wine while everyone cheered.
  • Yup, Joe Jonas and his brother Nick Jonas are even more impressed than the rest of us.

Please raise a glass of wine, because Sophie Turner is a living legend and she deserves a toast even though it’s most definitely early morning on a Wednesday. The Game of Thrones star showed up to a New York Rangers game at Madison Square Garden on Tuesday and suddenly found herself on the Jumbotron. Her reaction? Solid gold.

Basically, Sophie spent a few moments making faces and dancing, then fully DOWNED her wine in mere seconds while everyone screamed/cheered, which is clearly the only appropriate reaction to have.

And yeah, everyone was super impressed-including her husband-to-be Joe Jonas, who commented with a sunglasses emoji.

FYI, Sophie and Joe are planning to get married in France this summer, and it’ll be packed with celebs. Not only will the Jonas Brothers inevitably invite all their ~A-list~ friends (by which I mean John Stamos), but the entire Game of Thrones cast will presumably attend too-at least based on Kit Harington’s wedding, which was a massive GoT reunion party. Kewl, can’t wait, and until then:

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