The Top Wedding Dresses for Spring to Suit Any Venue


Fact: The venue sets the tone for your wedding, and yes, even the wedding dress. While your chosen destination and location helps narrow down the look you’ll wear down the aisle, choosing the best gown for your setting requires a bit of editing and ample imagination. A heavily beaded, high-neck ball gown is better suited for a chateau than the beach, although some full-skirted frocks can be undeniably fashion-forward in the sand. A slim-fit slip feels right for the desert…but so does a frothy nude tulle number.

Rather than sticking to the classic codes of dress for your destination, be inspired by what could suit the style of your chosen backdrop. As wedding season quickly approaches this spring, we rounded up some of the chicest wedding dresses for your upcoming wedding-and how to get creative with your wedding venue in mind, from the homes of the Hamptons, to villas in Lake Como, to the desert of Marrakech, and beyond.


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