These wedding day make-up transformations are amazing


A make-up artist who specialises in amazing wedding makeovers has gone viral for sharing before and after pictures of his brides.

Aside from the dress, the shoes and the flowers, the make-up plays a pretty big role in how the bride feels on her big day. So you want to get it right.

And one make-up artist is literally lighting up the Internet with his wedding day looks.

Arber Bytyqi from Kosovo uses his Instagram page to showcase his amazing transformations and his skills have seen him clock up over 267K followers.

He told BoredPanda : “When I meet my client, the first question I ask is what kind of occasion are they getting their makeup done for.”

“I also ask my clients if they have any specific requests. For example, if they want a natural or dramatic look.”

“Then I ask them [to show me] the dress that they are going to wear. The design of the dress and its details reveal the style of the look the client is going for. Then, I analyse their facial features.”

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But regardless of the look the bride wants to go for, the make-up artist puts his all into the style and the transformations are pretty awesome.

“Makeup is like jewellery for the face. Play with colours and shapes. Don’t be afraid to transform yourself. At the end of the day, you can just clean it.”

And people are pretty impressed with his artistry, leaving hundreds of comments on his posts and praising his skills.

“Yeah so if I ever get married I know exactly where to get my makeup done! You’re so talented!” one fan wrote. 

“Wow outstanding transformation amazing job beautiful,” agreed another. 

Unsurprisingly people are queuing up to book Arber for their big day with the make up artist working his magic on over 100 brides a year.

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In other wedding news, an airline saved the day after reuniting a bridesmaid with her forgotten dress. in time for the big day 

After realising that she’d left the garment back home in Houston, the bridesmaid’s friend sought help from Twitter.

In a now-viral message, she tweeted Southwest Airlines asking if they could send the dress on the next flight to Costa Rica.

And they happily obliged.

Meanwhile, a bride-to-be has been criticised online after complaining her boyfriend proposed to her with an “average” looking family heirloom instead of a Tiffany & Co. ring.

In a further bridezilla move, a soon-to-be wed divided the Internet after telling off her pregnant bridesmaid for holding her bump in her wedding pictures.


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