Top 5 Treatments for Balding and Thinning Hair Lines


Baldness affects most men, eventually. Hereditary factors, hormonal changes, ethnicity, medications and stress levels, all play an important role in leading to hair loss. The American Hair Loss Association suggests two-thirds of men begin to lose hair by age 35 while 85% experience significant thinning by the time they hit their 50’s. 

But don’t despair! Whether its thinning or balding hair you are seeking to combat, these top 5 hair loss solutions will help get that mane back in some (if not all) of its glory!

1. Regenera Activa by Sozo Aesthetic Clinic

Hair Loss Solutions for Men: Top 5 Treatments for Balding and Thinning Hair Lines

A no-downtime advanced hair growth treatment that shows visible results in just 1 month – yes, please! Regenera Activa® uses regenerative cells extracted from your scalp to stimulate the other areas that are losing hair. This mitigates side effects of medication and the risks that come with transplant surgery. And since the micrografts are extracted from your own body, there is absolutely no risk of rejection or allergies.

With a reduction of hair loss and a marked improvement in thickness of existing hair and growth of new hair over the next 12 months, there’s no surprise that the treatment is so popular at Sozo Aesthetic Clinic. For a comprehensive range of clinically-proven medical hair loss solutions and to find out more, get in touch with their team today!

Sozo Aesthetic Clinic, 1 Raffles Place #05-12/13, One Raffles Place (Shopping Mall), Singapore 048616. Phone + 65 6935 1811

2. Hair fall Prevention System at TK TrichoKare

Hair Loss Solutions for Men: Top 5 Treatments for Balding and Thinning Hair Lines

The first Trichological Centre to provide customized European Herbal Hair Remedies, TK TrichoKare (pronounced as Try-ko-care) is validated by certified Trichologists. With over 16 years of professional experience, founder Raynell started a chain of specialised hair care centre under the TK TrichoKare brand. Today, this multi-award winning brand operates 5 outlets around the island, with more than 50 hair and scalp specialists and therapists working under the brand. How’s that for reliability!

The award-winning Hair Fall Preventive System (HFP) works through five levels of interdependent components that work towards hair and scalp reconstruction – treating each condition effectively. Stage 1 regulates the scalp to a neutral state by removing skin impurities while ensuring sebum production to protect the scalp. Stage 2 works on strengthening of hair follicles by stimulating root metabolism, repair damaged follicles and supply nutrients to the hair bulb. Finally, the third stage promotes hair density by encouraging cellular activity through deep nourishment and penetration of nutrients, thereby helping with hair growth.

What’s more, new customers can get the award-winning Hair & Scalp Treatment and a free HairGro serum and Hair Care Kit for just $40 nett.

TrichoKare, Multiple Locations, Hotline: 6-3388-680, SMS to 87-9999-01

3. FUE Hair Transplant at Terra Medical Clinic

Hair Loss Solutions for Men: Top 5 Treatments for Balding and Thinning Hair Lines

Seeking a comprehensive solution for your hair loss woes? From diagnostics, hair nutrition, optimizing medical therapy, regenerative medicine to surgical procedures; Terra Medical’s stellar team with over 20 years of combined experience in hair loss management will hold your hand through the entirety of your hair restoration journey.

The FUE procedure, a minimally-invasive surgical technique, has gained popularity due to the reduced possibility of unsightly scars at the back of your head and its quick recovery time to look presentable within 5-7 days. The FUE is a permanent solution to naturally restore receding hairlines and balding areas, as transplanted hairs are not susceptible to hair loss post-procedure.

As a pioneer and key opinion leader of the Regenera Activa in Singapore, Medical Director, Dr Joshua Chong, who is also a member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), recommends complementing a hair transplant with the US FDA approved regenerative technology for better results and higher success rate. Seek a consultation today with their professional team to understand your options better!

Terra Medical Clinic, 9 Scotts Road, #11-03 Scotts Medical Centre, Pacific Plaza, Singapore 228210. Phone +65 6909 0927

4. Miracle Stem Cell Solution at PHS Hairscience

Hair Loss Solutions for Men: Top 5 Treatments for Balding and Thinning Hair Lines

A favourite with busy executives, the 45-min Miracle Stem Cell Solution at PHS Hairscience is clinically proven to help hair loss, ageing and greying hair. This revolutionary cell signalling approach re-awakens the natural ability of your own hair cells to support growth or melanin production. Backed by over 20 years of R&D by Korean bio-scientists, trichologists and dermatologists, this treatment comes infused with 95% oxygen for deeper scalp infiltration.

Non-invasive, with zero downtime, free from harmful additives and with results expected in under 2 months of the treatment, there’s little stopping you from trying it on your own hair. There’s even a promotional first trial cost of $58 (U.P. $488)! Need an extra boost? Complement the treatment with their HOM Thickening range that is specially designed to target severe or prolonged hair loss. The home care products are free of parabens, benzophenone, mineral oil and harmful additives.

PHS Hairscience, Multiple locations, Phone +65 6692 0662

5. Stop & Grow Anti – Hair Loss Therapy by Hairdreams

Hair Loss Solutions for Men: Top 5 Treatments for Balding and Thinning Hair Lines

An anti-hair-loss revolution like no other! With up to 23% visibly thicker hair in 90 days, and promoted as 7 times more effective than the current best selling active ingredient, Stop & Grow Therapy is exactly what your thinning hair needs. Brought to you by leading Austrian luxury brand Hairdreams, this scientifically proven treatment works literal wonders for your hair.

The anti-hair loss therapy for men (and women), was developed in collaboration with leading scientists, dermatologists and universities and its formula is based on the PHT-complex and an innovative 2-Phase System.

The first step or the Effect Phase stimulates the activity of the cell functions and wakes up dormant hair roots to help produce new and healthy hair. The following Booster Phase contains activating Taurin which enhances the effect even more. Results you ask? After a short period of time, severe hair loss is lastingly reduced and hair volume visibly increased. We told you – watch your hair literally grow! Don’t wait any longer, book yourself for an appointment at Hairdreams today.

Hairdreams Couture Salon, 51 Cuppage Road, #01-09, Singapore 229469, Phone: +65 6653 5500


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