Travis Scott Is Very Here for Kylie Jenner Posing in a Completely See-Through Dress


From Cosmopolitan

  • Kylie Jenner posted an Instagram of herself in a totally sheer dress and Travis Scott slid into her comments to show his…appreciation.
  • Kylie and Travis’ are reportedly in the midst of some relationship issues thanks to cheating accusations that he’s since denied.

Are you one of the few remaining people left on the internet convinced that Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner are having trouble in the paradise known as Calabasas? Well you might want to slide on over to Kylie Jenner’s Instagram, because she posted a picture of herself in a completely sheer underwear-exposing white dress, and Travis’ reaction is best described as thirsty.

As a reminder, Kylie and Travis have been making headlines thanks to reports that she confronted him about cheating after finding suspicious DMs on his phone. He’s since deleted Instagram (though it’s back now, FYI!), flown home to spend time with her, and worn a sweatshirt with her face on it in public. Like…no one has been more extra-and this heart-eyes IG comment takes it to the next level:

In conclusion: vibes are cute, and they’re-to quote the living legend known as Britney Spears-stronger than yesterday. 

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