True Thompson’s St. Patrick’s Day Outfit Is a Whole Damn Mood


From Cosmopolitan

  • The Kardashian kids dressed up for St. Patrick’s Day, and their green outfits are truly too cute.
  • The family also celebrated Rob Kardashian’s birthday with a themed party, so head this way for more on that good time.

How did you spend St. Patrick’s Day?! I wandered outside at 11 a.m., saw someone vomiting in the street, and immediately went back inside. It was great! Meanwhile, Khloé Kardashian spent the day bonding with her baby daughter True, and naturally, she dressed her up in an all-green outfit. Because you know True loves a theme!

Swipe through for all the pics, but if you’re feeling lazy, here are a few standouts:

Photo credit: Instagram

Photo credit: Instagram

Oh, and Kim Kardashian’s kids also got dressed up in all green, making Kermit the Frog proud AF:

Also, here’s Stormi!

And finally, here’s Kris Jenner, who is not a Kardashian kid, but still. SHE’S YOUNG AT HEART, OKAY?

Photo credit: Instagram

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