Wall St. pushes global stocks higher, dollar upbeat despite dovish fed


On Thursday, the 21st of March 2019, global stocks had somehow averted a closure deep in the reds, as a Wall St. led rally largely boosted by Apple and tech stocks had backed the global stock index.

Besides, surprisingly, the American Dollar had been found fathoming up higher despite a downbeat policy decision this week, as Brexit had been waging on the British currency and Euro.

The gregarious Great Britain Pound had been pounded amid a higher risk of “no-deal” Brexit, and the British currency lost over 0.70 percent on Thursday (March 21st) against the American Dollar.

Meanwhile, all three major indexes of Wall St. had ended the day higher, posting robust gains, as Dow posted a rise of 0.84 percent to 25,961.51 and the S&P 500 added 1.09 percent to 2,853.88, while the Nasdaq Composite gained more than 1.40 percent to 7.837.96.

MSCI’s gauge of global stocks across the world that keeps track of stock exchanges of 47 countries had posted a gain of 0.68 percent while emerging market stocks had also added 0.11 percent despite a recent downbeat buzz over the wind on a sooner-than-anticipated trade deal between US and China by the end of April.

Addressing to a shrinking global economy, head of fixed-income strategies at Calamos Investment, Matt Freund said, “The Fed has doubled down on its dovish tilt. The global economy is clearly softening and the Fed is looking at liquidity conditions”.


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