Antenno a new tool for info & reporting


25 March 2019

The Council is rolling out a new tool as
part of its focus on improving customer service and
communication. The free mobile app Antenno sends helpful
updates on things like water outages, traffic snarl ups and
road closures, along with posts about events, and

Andrew Dalziel, Porirua City’s Acting General
Manager Customer and Community, says there’s no need to
check multiple sources of information to get alerts about
what’s going on around Porirua – Antenno will send you
posts about topics and places you care about.

“You can
choose to receive alerts about where you live, your
workplace, your kids’ school, or any place that’s
important to you – and you can opt out of receiving types
of topics, at any or all of your places, so you’ll only
get posts that are relevant to you,” says Mr

You can also use the Antenno app to tell us about
something that needs fixing or report something directly to

“If you see some graffiti, find a pot hole, or spot
a street light that’s out, you can report it quickly and
easily using the app. Just go to the ‘Your reports’ menu
and add a report to tell us about it. If you’ve taken a
photo, you can add that to your report as well,” he

You’ll need to add a name and location that’s in
Porirua as the report will be sent directly to Porirua City
Council’s Customer Services team (and we’ll keep that
information private).

“The Antenno app is address based,
so doesn’t have your personal information, but if you’re
making a report, it will ask for your contact details, so we
can follow up if we need to.”

Download the free Antenno
app today from the App Store or Google Play and save places
you care about and we’ll let you know when something
relevant to your chosen place(s) happens. To find out more,


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