Bodysuit branded ‘a yeast infection’ waiting to happen


We’ve seen bum-flashing shorts, a ‘topless’ jacket and a ‘naked bra’ trend but now shoppers have been left baffled by an extremely risqué fishnet bodysuit.

The Fashion Nova ‘Figure It Out Bodysuit’ has been described as a ‘yeast infection waiting to happen’ by one commenter online, with others saying the brand has taken the term ‘high-cut’ to a whole new level.

And as if the polyester item wasn’t ‘naked’ enough, it also has a thong bottom.

“She must not have any organs unless they moved them to her hips,” one person said on the Fashion Nova Instagram page, with another saying: ‘yeast infection at its finest’.

“If you wore that to school that’s a one way ticket to dress code and sent home and prolly suspended,” another commenter said.

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It comes just days after a ‘topless’ jacket by Fashion Nova went viral online, which ironically was modelled by the same person on Instagram.

The brand dared buyers to bare almost all of their chest and torso with the design’s sheer lack of fabric.

The internet went into a spin when these bum-flashing shorts were released online. Photo: Fashion Nova

This ‘topless’ jacket has divided the Internet due to its striking lack of fabric beneath the collarbone. Photo: Fashion Nova

When the business took to Instagram in a bid to showcase the look to its followers, thousands were left a little more than baffled at what they saw.

“What’s the point of the top if you aren’t covering anything?” asked one perplexed customer.

Another noted the jacket’s designers “had really cropped that top,” before inviting buyers to instead “buy one for $20 and cut it yo self damn.”


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