Charlie Hunnam slammed for being a Jordan Peterson fan


Today in “Celebrities Who Might Have Been Better Off Not Saying Anything”, we have Charlie Hunnam, who starred in Sons of Anarchy and now appears in the new Netflix movie Triple Frontier.

Hunnam has been generally charming on the press tour for the new film, talking to Cosmopolitan about how excited he was to work with his friend and co-star Garrett Hedlund on the movie. But a Men’s Health article, in which the British actor talked about his admiration for Jordan Peterson, a controversial psychologist who’s spoken out against political correctness. His statements came out of nowhere, too — the magazine asked him what it was like working with a SEAL trainer for the movie, and that led him to Peterson.

“I really love the sense of seriousness with those guys — there’s no sense of life being trivial,” Hunnam told Men’s Health. “There’s no flippancy, no triviality to those guys. They were just very, very serious. I really enjoy that. I’m a big fan of Jordan Peterson, as are a lot of people right now — he’s become quite an internet phenomenon, a card-carrying member of the intellectual dark web.”

He went on to compare the Special Forces “mentality” to Peterson’s way of thinking. “I love the message that he promotes, which is, ‘Take your life seriously.’ Carry as much responsibility as possible,” the actor said. “I think in his words he says, ‘Pick up the heaviest thing that you can and carry it.’”

Jordan Peterson is known for calling out political correctness. (Photo: Chris Williamson/Getty Images)

Hunnam didn’t address many of the issues people have with Peterson, however. For example, as The Guardian reports, Peterson didn’t want the university where he was a professor to adapt the use of gender-neutral pronouns.

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Peterson has also spoken out against the idea of universities being safe spaces, saying to Joe Rogan, “Don’t come to university if you want to be safe.” Peterson has also said that the gender pay gap is “not necessarily” unfair when asked about it during a 2018 interview.

Fans weren’t impressed with Hunnam’s comments, sharing their thoughts on Twitter.

Writer Alicia Lutes also shared a thread about some of Peterson’s controversial statements, in light of Hunnam’s praise.

The actor didn’t mention men’s rights specifically, although Peterson has become a sort of “hero” for men’s rights activists, as Elle pointed out.

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Reporting by Meghan DeMaria, Yahoo Celebrity US


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