Head of Burning Sun nightclub accused in Seungri scandal, ministers apologise for alleged collusion


UPDATE: 20 March, 12.30pm, Judge Shin Jong Yeol of Seoul Court dismissed the police’s request for an arrest warrant for Lee Moon-ho, stating that there are only allegations and the police are still gathering evidence.

The Korea Herald today reported that an arrest warrant for Lee Moon-ho, the head of Burning Sun nightclub, is underway.

Lee, 29, who manages the club where BIGBANG Seungri acted as its director, attended the arrest warrant hearing today (19 March), where he is suspected of illegally distributing drugs. A decision on the arrest warrant will be made by end of Wednesday, after the Court has heard from all parties involved. Lee, who was dressed in a grey T-shirt and black sweater, avoided questions from the press.


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The police has extended its probe into the case, with more allegations piling up to filming and distribution of sex videos, to drug distribution and sexual assaults. About 40 people have been taken in for police questioning, with three of them arrested on various charges.

A screenshot of singer Jung Joon-young’s Instagram page

According to leaked information, a senior police officer named Yoon misused his official capacity with the police to pull in favours for the Burning Sun nightclub. Yoon’s name was mentioned in the KakaoTalk messages, which included Seungri, singer-songwriter Jung Joon-young and former FT Island member Choi Jong-hoon.

In an emergency press conference today, both Interior Minister Kim Boo-kyum and Justice Minister Park Sang-ki made a public apology for the alleged collusion between the police and K-Pop stars, and vowed a thorough investigation would take place. Justice Minister Park also said the investigation period on a number of past cases will be extended by two months. The aforementioned cases include possible cover-ups by prosecution; With a separate case relating to actress Jang Ja-yeon, who committed suicide in 2009, leaving behind a note that claimed she was forced to perform sexual acts for VIP figures.



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