Kylie Jenner Had Her Makeup Done by Robots and Looks Totally Unrecognizable and Intensely Creepy



From Cosmopolitan

Kylie Jenner is a beauty chameleon, constantly changing her look and dropping new Kylie Cosmetics lip kits so us normies can try to keep up with her. While she didn’t invent big lips, which have become her signature, she’s definitely had a huge impact on what is considered beautiful these days. To mark her career in beauty and as arguably the biggest influencer out there, she and Dazed magazine came up with a few robot-generated makeup looks that are truly wild and pretty creepy.

For her cover of Issue Zero, Dazed enlisted the help of Beauty_GAN, which “generates beauty images without human help.” Beauty_GAN looked at 17,000 Instagram posts to determine what society thinks is attractive. Then, the AI used that information to create different hair and makeup looks for the youngest Jenner, which sounds like the future of getting ready in the morning. Only, the pictures turned out a little creepy and Kylie looks totally unrecognizable.

So, uh, she almost looks more like the late David Bowie than herself, but you can be the judge if that’s a good or a bad thing.

The other photos in the issue include one where Kylie looks just like her sister Kendall Jenner, one where she has strawberry blonde hair, and another one where her eye is completely melting off her face. It’s art!

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