Ria Atayde learns to ignore backlash from AlDub fans


25 Mar – Ria Atayde recently admitted that she and the family are already used to the insults thrown by AlDub’s fans towards them because of her brother’s relationship with Maine Mendoza.

As reported on PEP News, the actress, who spoke about the issue at the special screening of the restored version of the 1973 film “Captain Barbell”, stated that they have learned to just ignore the backlash and mockery against them.

“These people do not know me personally, and do not know who we are. Whatever they say, we just wouldn’t take seriously,” she said.

Atayde admitted that she understands some of these fans’ feelings as she is also a fan of other stars.

“I get why they are angry. At the same time, I just let it go, because they also need an outlet to express their grievances,” she said.

The actress also added that she would prefer not to discuss the relationship between her brother Arjo and Mendoza again in future interviews for fear of another backlash.

(Photo Source: Ria Atayde Instagram)


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