The Best Robotics Process Automation Tools of 2019


Robotics Process Automation (RPA) is growing and rapidly influencing the global markets. According to industry projections, by 2025 the global market size is expected to reach US$3.11 billion growing at a CAGR of 31.1%.  The potential of RPA to disrupt global markets has been phenomenal. In recent times, RPA has integrated enterprises with the power to supercharge their automation efforts by injecting cognitive technologies including Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and Speech Recognition capabilities and thereby automating higher order tasks that previously required human judgement capabilities.

Industry estimates predict that by 2020, automation and artificial intelligence will reduce employee requirements in business shared-service centers by 65% and the RPA market will grow to US$1 billion by 2020. This brings huge adoptability of RPA with 40 percent of large enterprises adopting an RPA software tool by 2020, a figure up from less than the current 10 percent.

Automation and RPA will be central to the next phase of digital transformation which will be driving new levels of customer value such as faster delivery of products, higher quality and dependability, deeper personalization, and greater convenience. It is common for RPA solutions to contain some form of cognitive or artificial intelligence, which includes computer vision for training the bot agents in virtual environments or general machine learning for improved decision meeting. RPA software can be implemented in any facet of enterprises where manual processes are in place, with most common adaptability into sales, supply chain departments, finance and operations.

Here are the Best RPA tools offered by vendors in 2019.


Blue Prism

Image result for Blue PrismBlue Prism pioneered Robotic Process Automation (RPA), delivering a successful Digital Workforce globally. The platform is known as the trusted and secured RPA platform of choice for the public-sector market and Fortune 500 companies. Blue Prism RPA tools assist business operation to be agile and cost-effective automating manual and rule-based repetitive back-office processes. The Blue Prism tool deploys drag and drops features to automate various business processes.



Related imageUiPath offers advanced enterprise RPA Platform which is built for business and IT. The platform is popular among more than 2,750 enterprise customers and government agencies that use UiPath’s Enterprise RPA platform for rapid deployment of software robots that perfectly execute and emulate repetitive processes and boost business productivity.  The solution offered by UiPath provides support for Citrix. The platform is user-friendly for non-developers too handling complex processes and perfect for any size of business.


Automation Anywhere

Image result for Automation AnywhereAutomation Anywhere is the world’s largest provider of robotics process automation (RPA) software and a strong player in the intelligent digital workforce industry. Over 1600 of world’s leading organizations rely on 1,000,000+ Automation Anywhere bots to automate their business processes in technology, telecom, logistics, banking, finance, insurance and many other industries. The RPA Company has a global reach with 1600 employees and 500+ global partners who deliver products and services across 90+ countries.



Related imagePega is a unique industry-leading platform which offers users to build enterprise-grade scalable CRM solutions, AI apps and so on, all integrated on one common platform. The solution can be used on desktop servers and provides only cloud-based solutions or services. Pega automation can work on Windows, Linux, and Mac and is perfect for medium and large businesses.



Related imageKofax’s Intelligent Automation helps enterprises transform information intensive organizational processes. This minimizes costs, reduces manual work and errors and improves customer engagement. Kofax combines RPA, mobility and engagement, analytics, cognitive capture, process orchestration to ease implementation and deliver dramatic results to mitigate compliance risk and increase competitiveness, profitability and growth.


WinAutomation provided by Softomotive

Image result for SoftomotiveWinAutomation provided by Softomotive prides itself as the world’s best desktop automation tool and offers a powerful, robust and easy to use Windows-based platform to build software robots. WinAutomation brings the benefits of Robotic Process Automation to the user’s desktop and helps organizations reduce costs and improve the overall speed and accuracy of their business processes.

Softomotive offers Enterprise Automation and Desktop automation for intelligent RPA for businesses. While Enterprise automation assists to increase the performance, efficiency and productivity of enterprises, Desktop automation is for individuals and small teams. On the flip side, it is only supported by SQL server.



Image result for Kryon logoKryon Systems’ Leo platform deploys patented visual recognition technology combining sophisticated OCR and IMR capabilities to record and execute processes running on any application like Citrix, web-based, legacy and desktop, in addition, to run across multiple applications, without the need for integration that is no connectors or API required.

Kryon RPA named as Automate has three solutions for automation: Unattended, Attended, and Hybrid.


Nice Systems

Image result for Nice Systems logoNice RPA tool is named as NEVA-Nice Employee Virtual Attendant and offers both cloud and on-premises enterprise software solutions empowering organizations to make smarter decisions which are based on advanced analytics of unstructured and structured data. NICE helps organizations deliver better customer service, combat fraud, safeguard citizens and ensure compliance



Related imageContextor offers smart RPA tool that is perfect for any size front offices. It automates tasks in real-time, gathers and maintain a contextual data collection and offers a contextual assistant to users. The platform provides on-premise and cloud services. It provides support for Citrix and RDP hybrid virtualization environment & All Workstation applications.



Related imageG1ANT founded in 2016, is a London-based start-up offering robotic software solutions to enterprises thus freeing employees from non-creative and repeatable manual processes. With its simple syntax, intuitive scripting language and an easy to extend platform with powerful C# snippets the company offers a simple software which is easy to use and code. G1ANT is growing rapidly, with two development centers located in Poland and the UK fostering global business alliances.

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