Uday Chopra shares cryptic tweets hinting at suicide and depression. Then deletes them


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Uday Chopra has had a rough couple of years in Bollywood. Though he tasted success with Mohabbatein and later the Dhoom franchise, he hasn’t been able to find a strong footing in the industry.

Despite this, the actor regales his fans with his entertaining tweets. Yet, recently, he posted some tweets, hinting at depression and suicide. He wrote, “For a few hours, I De-activated my twitter account. It felt as close to death as I could get. Was phenomenal! I think this is a good good option to suicide. I might be doing it permanently soon.”

Later he added, “Confession: I am not ok! I am trying but so far I’m failing.”

Later, Uday Chopra deleted the tweets and went back to tweeting about atheism.

In one of his earlier interviews, he spoke about not finding acceptance in Bollywood. Uday had said, “Everyone who enters Bollywood has dreams. I won t lie I wanted to be number one too, but things did not work out. I faced rejection from the audience and I just couldn t accept it. I went into denial, refusing to believe that this could be happening but then reality hit me hard. In these two years, all the froth and rubbish has come out of me. I now know who I am and what my limitations are. It s been a cathartic process.”

There were many rumours about a romance blooming between him and Nargis Fakhri, but the actress shot it down several times.

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