Veteran Horror director Larry Cohen has died aged 77


The movie world has been reacting to the death of much respected director Larry Cohen, who has died aged 77.

Cohen become well known in the 1970s and 80s for his work in the Horror genre, as well as his contribution to the the Blaxploitation subgenre.

Some of the writer-director’s biggest films include Hell Up in Harlem, It’s Alive and The Stuff.

He moved in to making low budget, independent films after creating TV shows Branded and The Invaders in the 1960s.

Cohen died Saturday night (23 March) in Los Angeles surrounded by loved ones, his publicist Shade Rupe, told The Hollywood Reporter.

Now actors, writers, directors and critics have taken to social media to express their sadness.

Actor and director Robert Davi tweeted: “Legendary writer director Larry Cohen has passed – Condolences to family & friends I worked with him twice in the horroraction genre MANIAC COP 2 & 3- he used Genre films to explore social issues always a Unique perspective -a kind supportive person- loved time we spent-GOD SPEED”

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Film critic William Bibbiani commented: “The death of Larry Cohen hits hard. He was one of the smartest genre filmmakers, with high-concept films and unexpectedly rich characters, and plots that never quite go where you’d expect. Q THE WINGED SERPENT and THE STUFF will always be favorites.”

Indy-horror screenwriter Michael Varrati tweeted: “Few filmmakers embodied indie spirit quite like Larry Cohen. A hero of the drive-in era and a true maverick, his work pushed boundaries, provided screen representation in a time when it was minimal, and was just damn fun. He was The Stuff of legend. He’ll be missed.”

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Gremlins director Joe Dante kept it short, but poignant: “RIP Larry Cohen, a true original.”

Actress Morgan Fairchild, who starred in the late director’s film Deadly Illusion, tweeted: “I worked with Larry and he truly was One of a Kind! Terrific guy and will be missed by all who love an iconoclast!”


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