Cristine Reyes on husband: We’re civil


25 Mar – Cristine Reyes has finally addressed rumours of her marital woes with Ali Khatibi when asked about it in an episode of ANC’s “Headstart”.

As reported on Push, the actress, who has not been seen in a photo with the MMA fighter for a while now, told anchor Karen Davila that the two of them are “civil”.

“We’re in good terms, especially with things we have to do when it comes to Amarah,” she added.

Amarah is the name of the couple’s only daughter.

When asked of her opinion on marriage, Reyes replied, “Ideally, it shouldn’t end, but it depends on the circumstances… But for me, if you’re not happy, you should do something about it.”

The actress is currently busy promoting her new movie, “Maria”.

Rumours of rift between Reyes and Khatibi sparked as early as April last year, and was further fuelled when she removed all traces of her husband on her Instagram account and her married last name from her social media handle.

(Photo Source: Christine Reyes Instagram)


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