How British Sports Companies Prepare for Brexit


Thomas Willox, Group Head of PR & Digital Asset Development at the Nikwax Group, summed it up as follows: “We are as prepared as we believe is possible.” Because everything is possible and nothing is fixed: Hard Brexit, soft Brexit, transitional period until June 30th, grace period until December 2019 or even postponement until the end of 2020 – after repeated smashing of Theresa May’s application it is still wait and see and drink tea, while it’s still duty free.

For companies, this state of uncertainty means an enormous planning burden that devours human and financial resources.

Pentland Brands Limited has therefore set up its own unit which deals exclusively with Brexit issues and works closely with the CBI (Confederation of British Industry) and HM Revenue & Customs to be prepared for all possible scenarios.

“In our planning we’re adopting a very cautious approach, which is that we leave the EU on 31st March 2019 without a deal or transition period,” said Andy Long, CEO Pentland Group.


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