Metallica’s Kirk Hammett Gives Major Update on New Tool Album: “I Talked to Them”


Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett was recently interviewed by The Rock’s Jay and Dunc. Hammett talked about Tool’s upcoming album, guitar and releasing his first beer.

The Rock:

“Congratulations on releasing your first beer. How does that work out for you? Do you just get it for pre-show, or are you, like, ‘I’m gonna be drinking my own beer’?”

Kirk Hammett:

“We don’t really drink before a show. That’s, like, asking for real trouble. There was a time when we used to drink quite a lot before we went onstage, but you know, responsibility and professionalism have become a priority here in Metallica land.

So when it comes to stuff like that, we’re pretty responsible and boring these days. But having said that, there’s always a refrigerator filled with the Enter Night beer at every one of our shows that people can just walk up and help themselves with.

I personally stopped drinking four years ago, but you know, I know that Enter Night is a good beer because I smelled it.”

The Rock:

“You guys have now released 10 albums. Do you have any advice for Tool on how they can finally finish their fucking next album?”

Kirk Hammett:

“Well, I talked to Adam Jones quite a bit, you know, and the last thing I knew, he was dealing with artwork, so that’s great. If they’re finishing the artwork, it must be close.”

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