One Cool Film is not competing with other studios


26 Mar – Hong Kong actor-producer Louis Koo recently stressed that he is not trying to compete with other studios when it comes to producing more movies for the public.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor, whose film company, One Cool Film recently unveiled the 13 new films under its banner at the Hong Kong FILMART, stated that he was not trying to surpass big studios like Media Asia or Emperor Motion Pictures, but to play a part in advancing the Hong Kong film industry.

“As long as the subject matter is good and the movie is sincerely made, film companies need to invest in these projects. I want to innovate more and make movies with more domestic subjects,” he said.

When asked how much did he invest in this year’s line-up, Louis responded, “You have to ask the company that question.”

Aside from the big budget projects like “Back to the Past” and “Warriors of Future”, among the 13 new One Cool Film titles that will begin production this year include the third instalment of the “Storm Riders” franchise, action flick “Line Walker 3”, and the Philip Keung-starrer, “Remember What I Forgot”.

(Photo Source: Mingpao)


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