Woman gets involved after teenage passenger harassed on plane


A woman has shared how she stepped in after witnessing a teenager being harassed by a much older man on a flight.

Journalist Joanna Chiu was flying alone when she overheard a man “appearing in his late thirties” talking to a teenager in the row behind her.

She said she “couldn’t avoid” listening in when she heard the man getting “very familiar” with his fellow passenger.

When she heard him asking the teenager for a “dirty” photo, she couldn’t help but get involved, she narrated on Twitter to her 36,000 followers.

In the now-viral thread, Chiu tells how she sought help from airline staff to have the man moved from his seat.

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Despite having managed to make the man move, Chiu voices her concern at not knowing whether the man will be monitored on future flights.

However, the story ends with the man being stopped by security upon his departure from the plane.

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While this story is shocking, it certainly isn’t the only example of sexual harassment on public transport.

Last year, a New York based Reddit user shared how she relied on a stranger to help her after being verbally harassed and followed by a fellow commuter.

Closer to home, almost a third of British women who use public transport have received unwanted attention in the past year alone – despite Yahoo UK discovering not one of the UK’s transport bodies provide anti-harassment guidelines.

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