Ellen Joyce Loo’s new songs will be part of new limited edition release


27 Mar – It was recently revealed that Ellen Joyce Loo’s posthumous songs will be released this month.

As reported on Mingpao, on 20 March, Brave Nusic revealed that the singer had recorded two songs, “Light” and “Beyond Light” prior to her death, and that it will be a part of her upcoming limited edition coloured vinyl.

The limited edition release will be out in major record stores on 27 March, and that the profits will be donated to the Hong Kong’s Early Psychosis Foundation.

Ellen Joyce Loo passed away in August of last year, after falling from her apartment in Happy Valley, Hong Kong. The case was classified as suicide by the Hong Kong police following further investigation, though no suicide note was found.

She was 32.

(Photo Source: China Times)


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