TV Evaluate: Nick tries to resurrect Lucifer by kidnapping Donatello on ‘Supernatural’


Thursday’s episode of Supernatural had a whirlwind of occasions, together with a dramatic cliffhanger involving Jack (Alexander Calvert) and Mary (Samantha Smith). When you couldn’t watch the episode reside, right here’s what you missed:

Donatello is kidnapped

In final week’s episode, Jack tried to be himself across the neighborhood children, whereas Sam and Dean helped solved a case a few kohonta, which is a human who has been cursed right into a creature that kills.

This week’s episode picks again up with Donatello (Keith Szarabajka) kidnapped by Nick (Mark Pellegrino). Dean (Jensen Ackles) will get a cellphone name from Donatello asking from assist and a all-hand-on-deck mission. Dean and Mary discover Nick at Donatello’s home, and once they haul him into the bunker, it’s revealed he injected Donatello with a poison and transferred him to a warehouse with a reside feed. 

Nick’s motives are revealed 

When Dean questions Nick, Nick says he desires to see his Jack. When Jack calls for for Donatello’s location, Nick manages to get Jack’s blood on his shirt. Nick agrees to indicate Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean the warehouse whereas Mary and Jack keep on the bunker. Jack occurs to see the syringe that Nick used for the poison and tells Mary that angel grace was in it. So it’s all coming into place.

Dean is on the warehouse liberating Donatello and warding off a few demons and Sam is on the Impala with Nick when Mary calls Sam with the information. Nick tells Sam proper earlier than he hits Sam within the head with a rock that he injected Donatello with angel grace to talk to Lucifer. Nick stated prophets are like outdated CB radios — they are often twisted and finagled with. He wished to talk with Lucifer to grow to be his vessel once more. And to do this, he wanted Jack’s blood.

Jack “takes care” of Nick

After Sam suffers the pinnacle harm, Dean rushes over to him and calls Mary to tell her of Nick’s plan. Jack says he can cease him as a result of he feels him, however he wants to make use of his grace. Mary provides him the all clear. Jack teleports and stops Nick’s ritual proper within the nick of time. He burns Nick so dangerous Nick collapses. 

Jack didn’t particularly say he killed Nick, he stated he stopped him. Who is aware of with present if Nick is actually useless.

Mary’s future could also be in query

Jack heals Sam and tries to consolation Mary, who’s disturbed and uncomfortable with how Jack dealt with Nick. Mary says Jack wants assist, and in a flash, Jack will get bizarre and and does one thing. His eyes go yellow, the display goes black and he whispers “Mary.”

Cas desires to seek out God 

In the meantime, Cas (Misha Collins) meets with Anael (Danneel Ackles) for a miracle.  When Cas tells Anael that, he tells him that Jack’s soul is gone for good. Cas desires to seek out God to get assist. As they’re looking out, Cas finds Dean’s amulet and prays for God, however to no avail.

However, the amulet is again.

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Supernatural airs Thursdays at eight p.m. on The CW.



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