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Having made peace with my magnolia, Magnolia x soulangeana, and accepted that the underside of my backyard will at all times be forged in its dappled shade, I’ve moderately fallen in love with its twisted trunks and its flurry of pink blossom. Because it started to unfurl, the primary smudges of pink in opposition to the sky had me reaching for the vinegar.

Pickled magnolia buds and younger petals are unusual and scrumptious. Every species has a barely totally different flavour, however the base notes are gingery and peppery. This rapidly turns perfumed after which, if the petals are too mature, bitter. However for those who get in there when the petals are younger and add vinegar, every thing is enhanced in essentially the most marvellous method.

Chive blossom in vinegar.

Chive blossom in vinegar. {Photograph}: Getty Photos/iStockphoto

It’s a primary recipe. I take advantage of rice vinegar, however white wine vinegar would do equally nicely, as would a very good cider vinegar, though I’d keep away from malt. You have to salt and sugar, too. For each 250ml of vinegar, add as much as 150g of sugar and a teaspoon of salt. The target is to attain a candy/bitter stability that’s to your style. Warmth the sugar, salt and vinegar till sizzling, however not boiling, and pour over a packed jar of unfastened petals or immature flower buds, ensuring you’ve eliminated any bushy sepals first. Let the combination sit for at the very least 24 hours. The flavour will probably be harking back to pickled ginger and works nicely with sushi, rice or gentle creamy cheese; it’s equally scrumptious eaten straight from the jar.

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M. x soulangeana might be over, however M. liliiflora, one in every of its dad and mom, ought to simply be unfurling. In the summertime, you’ll be able to pickle the American evergreen species, M. grandiflora and M. virginiana. The latter will also be dried for tea. Not all magnolias have been documented as appropriate for pickling, though none are recognized to be toxic, so it’s a case of experimenting.

Elderflowers. {Photograph}: Getty Photos

Magnolias will not be the one blossoms you’ll be able to flip into tasty condiments. Unopened wild garlic buds are heavenly pickled in equal components rice vinegar, sugar and darkish soy sauce (retailer within the fridge and eat rapidly). The unopened buds and the open flowers of dandelion and elderflower, each of which must be merely steeped in cider or white wine vinegar, are additionally good candidates. The flowers of chivesand the petals of small flowering roses are equally great pickled, turning their vinegars violent shades of pink. Make it up in small batches and use earlier than the flowers begin to disintegrate.

As with all issues, you wish to eat from unpolluted, chemical-free vegetation. In case you are not rising your individual, please forage responsibly and be sure you depart a lot for the wildlife.


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