‘Supernatural’ Sport Evening 14.17 aka Winchester’s Caught In A Mousetrap


Twenty-three extra Supernatural episodes to go, and counting. Final week’s ‘Sport Evening,’ written by Meredith Glynn and directed by John Showalter, was the primary episode I watched understanding that the Present was coming to an finish, so I feel I used to be much more attentive than normal. As in, no one ought to say a phrase to me whereas I’m relishing each final second of my favourite present for the following strong yr!

It wasn’t an ideal episode, nevertheless it was a wild rollercoaster of each motion and emotion, and which means I loved it – and was grateful to have the ability to see a brand new episode. That’s going to be the case any further in, however I’ll in all probability nonetheless discover issues to quibble about within the midst of my relishing. Okay, make that positively.

The ‘Then’ consists of Nick, which made me groan as a result of I’m simply over that Supernatural story line and the inevitable tie-in to Lucifer (as is about 99.9% of the fandom, however apparently that information has not reached the community). The ‘Now’ begins with somebody baking cookies and for a break up second I assumed it was Dean doing a little nesting within the bunker, however nope, it’s Donatello buzzing and baking in his cozy kitchen.

I actually like Donatello so when the doorbell rang I began shaking my head instantly, even earlier than he wound up tied to a desk with a big hypodermic needle poking into his neck. (I closed my eyes however his screams had been nonetheless audible). Ouch.

SPN Donatello getting needle into his neck 14.17

Again on the
bunker, it’s Winchester Sport Evening. Dean is fixing his favourite childhood recreation,
Mousetrap (aww), Jack is making Jiffy Pop on the range and Mary’s acquired the
beers. Sammy’s out selecting up the pepperoni meat intensive pizzas and one with
pineapple for Jack, over Dean’s objections. It’s a pleasant home scene which
means issues are about to go south in an enormous approach.

Jack making jiffy pop for Winchester game night SPN 14.17

Certain sufficient,
Dean will get a cellphone name pleading for assist from Donatello.

Dean: A lot for Winchester Sport Evening…

He tries to
name Sam however there’s conveniently no sign – that’s Present’s favourite approach of
splitting characters up, oops, no service abruptly – so he and Mary head off
with directions for Jack to fill Sam in. (I do love that Sam’s voicemail says
when you can’t attain him to ‘name my brother’ identical to John’s all the time stated ‘name
my son Dean’.)

As soon as Sam
will get again he says what I’m considering – I ought to be there with you!

Dean assures
him it’s okay, and Sam takes subject (me too, Sam).

Sam to Dean: Watch your again.

Dean: That’s the plan.

for love you, watch out.

Dean and
Mary have a little bit coronary heart to coronary heart within the automotive, Mary lamenting that everybody is
harassed and there’s nothing she will be able to do.

Dean: Hey, you’re right here.

Mary: I ought to’ve been right here extra.

Dean Winchester to Mary hey your here SPN 14.17
Mary Winchester to Dean I shouldve been here more SPN Game Night

Me: Rattling proper.

Mary: However I understand how I’m. I could be closed
off, exhausting…

Dean: (turning to smile at his mom)
Yeah, that’s the place I get it from.

Dean has
made his peace with who his mom is and located the elements of her that he can
establish with and be ok with. He’s stated his piece after which solid the
connection that he can, and I can really feel the household story line starting its wrap
up on this episode and the 300th with John. I began to tear up
even earlier than the household theme started to play, on the considered Present tying up free
ends earlier than it ends. And I abruptly notice Mary might be not lengthy for this

Mary: I would like you to know, I’m grateful for
every single day that I get with you and Sam.

Me: Oh yeah, this isn’t good. RIP Mary.

I haven’t
cherished Mary as a personality regardless of Samantha Smith’s talent in enjoying her and
what I feel has been her exhausting and profitable work find a technique to
perceive Mary as a girl, a hunter, and a mom in all probability very completely different from
Smith herself. Like Dean, I’ve come to an acceptance of Mary, imperfect and
generally disappointing although she is. It figures that now we’ll in all probability lose
her, as a result of that is Supernatural,
in spite of everything.

In the meantime,
Good!Sam figures out that Donatello is talking Hebrew – and it’s from the
Bible. One thing about ‘be vigilant, your adversary the Satan walketh about
looking for whom he might devour.’

Me: Yeah, that may’t be good. Additionally, goddamnit it, that
means Lucifer! Don’t need!

Dean and
Mary get to Donatello’s home and discover Nick as a substitute of him, to no one’s
shock (effectively, besides Dean and Mary, that’s).

Dean Mary Winchester find Nick at Donatellos house SPN Game Night

Dean is

Nick: Oh, offended voice…

He confesses
to poisoning Donatello and says they’ve a day to seek out him. However why? What does
he need?

Dean Winchester with gun on Nick I wanna talk Supernatural 14.17

Nick: I wanna discuss.

Me: What? This complete factor is simply off. You see that,
proper, Winchesters?

they carry Nick again to the bunker, the place we get a wonderful scene of Sam
confronting the person he made the error of getting sympathy for and let go. (And
the person who seems, and more and more additionally acts, like Lucifer). Sam clearly feels
accountable and is livid at Nick for hurting so many individuals. Jared shone in
this scene – he virtually growls, baring his enamel and snarling earlier than
bodily attacking Nick and slamming him in opposition to the wall. It’s solely Dean
understanding Sam so effectively and Sam trusting his brother that enables Dean to tug Sam
off and push him again.

Dean: Not now. Not but.

Dean Winchester with Nick Mary heading to Sam SPN Game Night
Sam Winchester bares teeth reacting to Nick SPN Game Night
SPN 14.17 Sam Winchester attacking Nick from behind
SPN Game Night Sam Winchester charging to Dean
SPN 14.17 Dean Winchester holding Sam back not now not yet

Sam angrily
pushes Dean’s arm down, however listens to him however. He stalks off, nonetheless
fuming. We all know that Nick is as much as one thing, however no one can work out what.

Dean: Nick needs to speak? Let’s discuss.

Sam: Oh yeah, let’s discuss!

Dean as soon as
once more holds his brother again, telling him not within the situation Sam is in, not
but. As soon as once more, Sam reluctantly listens.

Sam Winchester to Dean oh yeah lets talk to Nick Game Night
Dean Winchester holding Sam back from Nick SPN 14.17

Mary and Sam
keep behind, Sam clearly distraught.

Sam: I let Nick go. What was I considering?

Mary: Nick’s decisions are his personal, simply
his. You didn’t know. You gave him an opportunity since you felt for him. As a result of
you’re a great man.

Sam scoffs,
however Mary persists.

Sam to Mary Winchester I let Nick go what was I thinking SPN 14.17
Mary to Sam because your a good man Supernatural Game Night
Sam Winchester with Mary not believing her praise SPN Game Night

Mary: You might be. It’s one of many causes I’m
so pleased with you.

If I didn’t
suppose Mary was not lengthy for this world earlier than, that scene satisfied me. And
simply as I favored what Mary needed to say lastly!

interrogates Nick and, as all the time, it’s approach hotter than it ought to be. Typically
you neglect how harmful Dean Winchester is, however then he reminds you.  Nick sounds a lot like Lucifer on this
scene that it’s complicated to me. I don’t even know if it’s intentional, however
it’s like they’ve utterly melded at this level. Nick taunts Dean, identical to
Lucifer all the time taunts folks.

Nick: We’re virtually brothers, Dean. We
each know what it’s prefer to be hog tied to a nuclear warhead. You’re by no means the
identical after that, are you?

Nick to Dean Winchester were practically brothers SPN 14.17

It’s precisely
what Dean doesn’t need to take into consideration himself. Nick is an skilled at taunting,
identical to Lucifer.

Lucifer/Nick asks to see his son.

Me: His son? Is he actually Lucifer then?? So confused…

Dean and
Mary say no, however Sam is silent.

Jack: Sam?

Sam: I imply…

Dean snaps
at him at first, however no one has a greater concept and Jack needs to assist Donatello,
so he goes in to speak to Nick. Which after all goes to be a mistake. I’m
undecided Sam would have been the one to push for Jack to try this, however possibly
it’s as a result of he’s the one feeling most responsible about poor Donatello and so the
most determined to avoid wasting him earlier than they run out of time.

Nick: Hey sonny boy…

As soon as once more,
Nick sounds identical to Lucifer. He dismisses Jack’s insistence that Lucifer was
a monster, saying that everybody is, “even your three dads.”

Nick goads
Jack simply as successfully as he has the others, till Jack snaps and head butts
him, getting a bloody nostril within the course of. Why he did that and didn’t simply hit
him, I’ve no clue. Looks as if an ouchy factor to do. Nick seems down pointedly
on the blood on his shirt and uh oh…

Bloody face Jack with Nick Lucifer father SPN 14.17
Bloody Nick with bloody Jack SPN Game Night

I assume Nick
refused to inform them the place Donatello is and can solely present them, as a result of Sam
and Dean load him into the again seat of the Impala and head out to a abandoned
warehouse. This too is clearly a really unhealthy concept however the Impala is gorgeous
driving by way of the snow coated Vancouver panorama – a rarity for British
Columbia and therefore for the present.

Sam Dean Wincheste driving Baby through snow SPN Game Night

Dean goes inside
the warehouse to deliver Donatello the antidote whereas Sam stays within the automotive with
Nick, which additionally looks like a horrible concept…

In the meantime,
Jack and Mary undergo Donatello’s issues, and Jack realizes that the
hypodermic needle wasn’t crammed with poison – it was crammed with angel grace.

Me: Ooooh the plot thickens!

Love me some
good plot twists!

Mary calls
to present Sam a heads up. Nick is goading him mercilessly, and by this level I’m
having a tough time believing this isn’t Lucifer.

Nick: We’re lastly alone. I really feel like I by no means
get to speak to you…

He’s even
singing loudly, identical to Lucifer, “Sammy boy Sammy boy…” 

I can’t
think about how terrible it’s for Sam, being tormented like that in such an analogous
approach by the identical face and voice who traumatized him for many years. No marvel he
will get rattled! Sam will get out of the automotive, and Nick slips a razor or one thing that
he’s hidden UNDER HIS SKIN EWWW and picks the lock on his cuffs. Since when is
Nick so resourceful? I assume he’s motivated, that’s for positive.

When Mary
tells Sam in regards to the angel grace syringe, he will get Nick at gunpoint and calls for
to know what’s happening. (Dean isn’t the one Winchester who’s scary when he’s
pissed, btw) 

Sam Winchester with gun on Nick from behind SPN Game Night

that prophets are like CB radios, they can be utilized to speak…

Oh, the look
on Sam’s face when he realizes that the being that Nick is attempting to contact is
Lucifer. Oh Sam. And actually, Nick has apparently succeeded in waking Lucifer
from the Empty and now is aware of how one can deliver him again.

Sam Winchester holding pistol to Nicks face angry 14.17

Me: Urgh. That is what we had been all so fearful about at
the top of final season, that Sam and Dean’s triumph in killing Lucifer would
simply be overturned. Urgh.  I don’t like
it, Present.

Nick: No person stays useless anymore, Sam.
The place do you suppose I acquired that angel grace?

Sam tries to
warn Dean that it’s an ambush, yelling “Dean!”

And someway,
a great distance away and contained in the warehouse, Dean instantly jerks his head
towards the sound of his brother’s voice. I cherished that second, as a result of who
doubts that the Winchesters are related like that, in spite of everything these years?

Dean Winchester yells to Sam its an ambush from Nick SPN 14.17

Certain sufficient,
Dean is ambushed by demons and a traditional good Rob Hayter and Kirk Jaques choreographed
struggle ensues. I form of cherished these parallel scenes and the way they had been edited,
Dean preventing the demons and Sam preventing Nick. The motion cuts backwards and forwards
between the 2 scenes, and I used to be sitting on the sting of my chair and biting my
nails the entire time, it was so loopy tense. Jared, Jensen and Mark Pellegrino had been all superb in each scenes, the fights horribly plausible so you would
really feel each blow. Sam will get the higher hand and pins Nick, choking him virtually to
dying (and everybody watching was cheering him on, I’ve little question).

SPN 14.17 Sam Winchester pins Nick down angry death look

However then his
empathy wins out once more and he doesn’t. Which implies Nick is ready to seize a big
rock and slam it into Sam’s head.

I actually gasped and screamed at that. And Jared then gave a masterful efficiency as Sam staggers, clearly having endured important head trauma. Nick throws him in opposition to the automotive, hitting his head once more, and Sam goes down. Nick chokes him, clearly not planning to cease – it’s solely by managing to get into the Impala that Sam isn’t killed proper then and there. He is aware of he’s in unhealthy form although, clearly – determined, he makes use of Bab to name for assist from Dean, hitting her horn.

Supernatural Game Night Nick choking Sam Winchester throat hard
Bloody face Sam Winchester in Baby from Nick SPN Game Night
SPN 14.17 Mark Pellegrino Nick bloody face from choking out Sam
Sam Winchester bloody fingers pushing Baby horn for Dean SPN 14.17

Dean as soon as
once more hears even contained in the warehouse in the course of a struggle, redoubling his
efforts to struggle off the demons and proving himself a complete badass as he does. It
jogged my memory a lot of the scene within the tunnels when Dean is preventing off
a number of unhealthy guys and Sam is being killed and calling out for his brother and
Dean can’t get to him in time. I watched that scene movie and it nonetheless haunts
me, and this one had the identical heartbreaking urgency. The horn blares once more and
Dean lastly kills the final demon and runs to his brother, solely to seek out Sam
collapsed together with the automotive, nonetheless attempting to name out “Dean! Dean!”

Dean Winchester searching for hurt Sam Supernatural 14.17
Dean Winchester frantic to save dying Sam SPN Game Night
Dean caressing Sam Winchesters bloody head SPN 14.17

The look on
Dean’s face when he sees how badly Sam is damage nearly tore my coronary heart out.

Dean: Sam! Hey hey, Sammy….

As I’ve stated
many instances, it’s what the Winchesters all the time say when attempting to consolation the
different. It’s like a Pavlovian response now, it makes me tear up each time
as a result of as quickly as they are saying it, you recognize it’s unhealthy.

Dean holds a
fabric to Sam’s head wound, calling Mary and telling her that Nick is attempting to
resurrect Lucifer – and that he damage Sam. Unhealthy.

Dean: I known as an ambulance however they stated
20 minutes. It’s not good, Mother, it’s actually unhealthy….

Me: Ohgodohgodohgodohgod

Jensen and
Jared break my coronary heart in 1,000,000 items on this scene as Dean tries to maintain
Sam acutely aware, asking him to play a counting recreation. I’m wondering what number of instances they
performed an analogous recreation as youngsters, massive brother Dean attempting to distract Sam from
one thing horrifying or painful….oh my coronary heart. Sam tries, then appears to understand
he’s slipping away. The Winchesters all the time need to inform one another one thing
with their final breath, and this time isn’t any exception.

Sam: Dean you… you all the time, all the time put me
first. Your complete life…

They’re his
final phrases.

Dean to bloody Sam Come on stay with me SPN 14.17
Dean to Sam Im gonna count to cum for you SPN Game Night
Sam to Dean Winchester Yeah there you go again SPN 14.17
Dean to Sam You always put me first your whole life SPN Game Night
Dean fighting no no sam stay alive SPN Game Night
Dean to Sam Wincheste trying to keep him alive SPN Game Night
Gifs by itsokaysammy

I sat there
open-mouthed, too in shock to even tear up as a result of it occurred so rattling quick.
And Present doesn’t even give me time to manage, the motion simply retains on rolling
non cease.

Nick steals
a truck and finds an outdated cabin (all outdated cabins conveniently have large containers of
desk salt), so he makes a salt circle and makes use of his shirt with Jack’s blood on
it to summon Lucifer. In a glob of black goo, Lucifer seems from the Empty,
wanting loads just like the Terminator. (Shout out to VFX as a result of the Empty results
themselves had been fairly cool). Nick is ecstatic, telling Lucifer he’s able to
be one with him once more.

Lucifer  pops out of black good for Jack Supernatural 14.17

However Jack has
sensed what Nick is doing and he and Mary beam in simply in time to cease that
from occurring. Jack, in a rage, first breaks Nick’s fingers horribly after which
slowly burns him to dying, whereas Mary retains saying “cease it” (however doesn’t
really attempt to cease it.)

My timeline: I don’t suppose we had been speculated to
love Nick’s gradual horrible dying scene fairly this a lot.

Jack: Mary? I needed to.

Jack to Mary I had to SPN Game Night

Mary: (wanting a bit horrified) Sam, he’s
damage. Assist him.

It’s the
second time Mary gave Jack express permission to make use of his powers, so no one
ought to blame Jack an excessive amount of for burning off what may need been left of his
soul, proper? 

I used to be a bit thrown by Mary’s robust response right here. She’s a fairly brutal hunter herself and he or she hates Nick and Lucifer – and Nick simply attacked and damage her son very badly. Would she actually be so upset about Jack taking some revenge? I’m not so positive. At first, I assumed she was fearful about Jack burning off what’s left of his soul, however that doesn’t appear to be the issue. She actually is shocked by his brutality – way more shocked than any of us had been.

Jack arrives
to seek out Dean bent over his brother, nonetheless vainly holding a fabric to his head, wanting
like he’s in shock.

Jack: Dean? Sam!

SPN Jack finds Dean holding cloth on Sam Winchester head GameNight
Dean Winchester holding cloth to Sams bloody head SPN 14.17

He touches
Sam’s brow and Sam wakes up, gasping.

Dean’s eyes
go large and his breath hitches, as a result of Jensen Ackles can present you precisely what
Dean is feeling in 5 seconds with none phrases in any respect.

Sam Winchester comes back to life with Dean Supernatural Game Night
Dean Winchester emotionas as Sam is alive SPN 14.17

He leaps up,
overwhelmed with emotion, and shortly spins round, attempting to cover his response
and regain some composure. For a second, he’s so unsteady that he has to lean
on his Child. That small scene, no dialogue in any respect, simply facial features and
physique motion, stated SO a lot. Ackles is so good at exhibiting emotion the way in which
all of us acknowledge it in one another. It’s not with phrases and even tears, it’s with
all these instinctive, unconscious reactions. When Dean turns round once more,
he’s sniffing again the tears that he refuses to let fall and struggling
mightily to compose himself so nobody will know that he was about to crumble

Supernatural Dean Winchester crying with Donatello Game Night

That scene
broke me.

It’s two
days later and I’m nonetheless tearing up eager about it.

Jack reassures Sam and Dean,
desperately wanting it to be true:
 All the things’s gonna be
high quality.

Me: Ohgod, everyone knows what which means.

He beams
again to Mary and tells her the excellent news that he healed Sam, however Mary isn’t
shopping for his “all the pieces’s okay”.  Jack
desperately wants to listen to it from her.

Jack: Inform me it’s okay.

Mary: (sadly) It’s not. You’re not. It’s
not your fault…. However one thing’s flawed…

Supernatural 14.17 Mary Winchester to Jack Its not your fault but somethings wrong
SPN Jack to Mary Winchester no your wrong then freaks out 14.17

Jack: (offended) No! You’re flawed!

He turns
away from Mary, protecting his ears and repeating “Depart me alone, depart me

For some
cause, Mary doesn’t concentrate, going after him and repeating “Hearken to
me,” as Jack’s misery escalates, his ears ringing and his eyes glowing.
Didn’t anybody ever inform you to not get in somebody’s face once they’re having a
freak out like that, Mary?

SPN Mary Winchester in Jacks face while hes freaking out 14.17

The display
goes black and we hear Jack’s distraught “Mary?”

I used to be so
drained I felt like I’d run a marathon! We don’t know for positive what occurred to
Mary, however at any charge Present needs us to suppose that Jack simply killed her.

The B story
line was a lot calmer however was additionally attention-grabbing and effectively finished. Castiel meets with
Anael in a picturesque diner within the snow (I assumed it was picturesque, Anael
clearly didn’t. Additionally, she’s so sassy and I’m right here for it.)

Supernatural 14.17 Castiel meets Anael at diner

Castiel: I would like your assist. To contact God.

She laughs,
however he persists, saying that she was Joshua’s proper hand so possibly she is aware of
how. Anael will not be solely sassy however sensible, saying that she is aware of that Cas didn’t
inform Sam and Dean that he was coming to her and that he wants her assist as a result of
solely God can restore Jack’s soul.

Anael: You reek of ill-conceived lone wolf

Supernatural Castiel with Anael I need your hel to contact God 14.17
SPN Anael to Cas you reek of ill conceived wolf desperation 14.17

Me: lol

ultimately agrees to assist him in alternate for some mildly cursed however invaluable
earrings, and so they go to see Methuselah at his oddities emporium on one among
these actually steep little streets in Vancouver. Castiel could be very convincing
when he needs to.

SPN Castiel blue eyes light up for Anael game night

We get a
little of Anael’s backstory as they seek for no matter Joshua used to attempt to
contact God. She was apparently fairly disillusioned with earth and humanity –
and God for not serving to them.

Anael: God doesn’t meddle? Properly, I do.

She additionally has
Cas found out.

Anael: You’re afraid to inform Sam and Dean
that Jack’s soul is gone.

SPN Castile with Anael jacks soul is gone 14.17
SPN Anael to Cas your afraid to tell sam dean jacks soul is gone 14.17

Me: Uh oh.

They’re simply
about to go away when Castiel sees one thing acquainted – to us in addition to to him.
It’s the Samulet – not the actual one, I presume, as a result of the Winchesters have
that. However this one seems principally the identical, and Methusaleh says that Joshua
solid it after the angels fell to attempt to discuss to God. Castiel provides it a attempt.

Cas: Please. Sam, Dean, we’d like you,

SPN Castiel holding up Samulet Game Night
Supernatural Castiel calling out for Sam Dean Winchester 14.17
Castial SPN Please Sam Dean we need you , please Game Night

There’s no
response, which doesn’t shock Anael in any respect.

Methuselah: It by no means labored for Joshua both.

(However would
it work for the Winchesters? It was a bit complicated, as a result of the amulet by no means
labored like a cellphone to name God, it was extra of a God detector that glowed when
he was shut, proper? Head scratch.)

Castiel says
goodbye to Anael and says that he’s going dwelling to inform Sam and Dean the reality.

Cas: You’re not all the time proper. Simply
as a result of God’s not with us doesn’t imply we’re alone.

SPN Castiel Misha Collins says goodbye to Anael game night
Supernatural 14.17 Anael looks at Castile one last time game night
Caps by kayb625

Oh Cas, you
shouldn’t say optimistic issues like that. Additionally, a reasonably ominous technique to finish a
story line. The Mousetrap made a great metaphor for this episode, didn’t it?

All of the
performing was prime notch this week. Misha Collins and Danneel Ackles have some
nice chemistry collectively; the 2 are good mates in ‘actual life’ and it reveals
onscreen. I may really feel Castiel’s desperation, 
looking for a technique to repair Jack with out having Sam and Dean fear –
which after all is the worst concept ever. 
And Danneel introduced only a contact of vulnerability to Anael that makes
you suppose there’s much more to her than meets the attention.

Alex Calvert and Samantha Smith had been additionally nice collectively. Smith confirmed us Mary’s concern
about Jack from the very first moments we see of them, and Calvert continues to
make me root for Jack it doesn’t matter what as a result of truthfully, all of this actually isn’t
his fault and he’s tried so rattling exhausting. Mary and Jack really bonded throughout their
time within the AU preventing collectively, and he or she clearly cares about him an ideal deal.
That makes it additional heartbreaking when all the pieces begins to crumble. I watch Supernatural for the relationships,
and all 4 of these actors made me really feel one thing for his or her characters.

Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles nearly broke me in two inhabiting Sam and Dean on this episode (as a result of generally it actually doesn’t appear to be performing, they simply grow to be the characters in spite of everything this time).  Sam’s rage at Nick (and Lucifer) so knowledgeable by all of the trauma he’s been by way of and the way in which Jared portrays that. The way in which Sam and Dean know one another so effectively, the way in which they impart with both only a few phrases or generally with no phrases in any respect.

Absolutely the devastation in Dean’s eyes as he watches his little brother slip away, and absolutely the devotion in Sam’s as he makes use of his dying breath to thank his brother for all the time placing him first. That’s why I watch – to really feel how a lot they care about one another, and to care myself. To get my coronary heart damaged after which patched again collectively once more, like this present has finished repeatedly over the course of fourteen years. I’m grateful for it, now greater than ever. Thanks, Meredith, for that scene and for making me really feel, in spite of everything this time.

Subsequent week’s Supernatural promo has fandom in an
uproar and I’m uncertain if Mary actually did die or if that’s simply what they need
us to suppose, however on the very least I’m stuffed with anticipation for subsequent week!


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