Why are there two ladies’s world marathon information? The Weekend quiz


1 In whose home are all of the clocks stopped at 8.40am?
2 Why are there two ladies’s world marathon information?
3 Which retreat coated 6,000 miles in 368 days?
4 What would a German FKK fanatic put on?
5 Which vary is the topic of Nan Shepherd’s The Dwelling Mountain?
6 Which pair have been ambushed in Louisiana on 23 Might 1934?
7 The phrase “the second of fact” originated in what exercise?
8 Within the physique, what’s categorised as HDL or LDL?
What hyperlinks:
9 Guatemala (rifles); Bolivia & Haiti (cannons); Mozambique (AK-47)?
10 Dr Thomas Stockmann; Halvard Solness; Ellida Wangel?
11 Denon, Sully & Richelieu; Pyramid?
12 Nice; North Pacific; Mollymawk; Sooty?
13 Sally Rooney novel; Robert Redford movie; Sly & The Household Stone track?
14 Briggs (100); Bedser (200); Trueman (300); Anderson (400 & 500)?
15 East; Dawn; Union; Salute; Peace/World?

What hyperlinks Robert Redford movie, Sally Rooney novel, Sly & The Household Stone track? {Photograph}: Getty


1 Miss Havisham (Nice Expectations).
2 For blended and women-only races.
3 The Lengthy March (Chinese language Communists).
4 As little as attainable (naturism).
5 Cairngorms.
6 Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker.
7 Bull-fighting.
8 Ldl cholesterol (excessive/low-density lipoprotein).
9 Firearms on nationwide flags.

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10 Title characters in Ibsen performs: An Enemy Of The Folks; The Grasp Builder; The Girl From The Sea.
11 The Louvre: three wings and entrance.
12 Albatross genera.
13 Regular Folks; Peculiar Folks; On a regular basis Folks.
14 English cricket Check bowling milestones (variety of wickets).
15 Meanings of Soviet/Russian spacecraft/programmes: Vostok; Voskhod; Soyuz; Salyut; Mir.


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