Are you able to clear up this week’s thriller and identify this vintage instrument?


Merchandise No. 1129
A woman stands inside of a large opening in this antique item.
Merchandise No. 1126

Hey from Hazard!
Wayne Franks, who reads us in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee, says our copper bathtub (Merchandise No. 1126) is much like a copper-and-wood vat that was used to dip hogs into boiling water to scrape the hair off when butchering.
(We all know our merchandise was a tub as a result of it got here out of a home in japanese Ohio.)


A antique metal tool about 6 inches wide that opens revealing three flat arms with triangle points on the end.
ITEM NO. 1127

We heard from a number of extra readers who knew Merchandise No. 1127 was an 1800s, Civil Struggle period slicing instrument known as a fleam (or phleam) used when blood letting was a standard medical apply.
Our because of Lori Hollo; Tina Dazey, Louisville, Ohio; Eli Miller, Mesopotamia, Ohio; and Ken Brown, Rock Creek, Ohio.
Reader Richard Bader, of Middletown, N.Y., says there’s slightly distinction between the fleam (our instrument) usually utilized by veterinarians for blood letting. The human instrument was an analogous instrument, the thumb lancet.)


Merchandise No. 1128

We knew Merchandise No. 1128, first proven final week, was used for eggs, however Tom Saltsman, of Canton, Ohio, wasn’t precisely positive for what use.
Rob Phillips, of Washington, Pennsylvania, writes that his grandmother had one thing comparable that held solely 4 eggs. She used it for laundry, cooking and dyeing eggs. Dennis Graham, Greensburg, Pennsylvania additionally knew it was used for onerous boiling eggs, however likewise says it was additionally used for coloring Easter eggs.
A well timed hazard-ous merchandise, eh?


Merchandise No. 1129

And so we’re shifting on to Merchandise No. 1129, submitted by Jim Might, of Suffield, Ohio. He provides the marking on the instrument reveals it was made by the Wizard Mfg. Co. in Tiffin, Ohio. Does anybody understand how this was used?
Electronic mail us at; or by mail to: Hazard a Guess, c/o Farm and Dairy, P.O. Field 38, Salem, OH 44460.

And if you happen to’ve bought an merchandise in your closet, shed or attic that you just’re positive will stump our truthful panel of hazard-ous readers (we’d want you know the way it’s used), please ship us a transparent 35 mm picture or electronic mail a digital picture, together with full dimensions and outline. You need to use the addresses listed above.


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