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What is it?

A Very Protectively case full, Protectively a sport Visual Instead of Harsh angles.

What’s in the box?

Cases for Apple-SmartTelpehone X

Design and Featured

isn’t new to the case business. They’ve Creating Protectively Products for Devices since 2001, and I Wanting to disclose I for THEM 8 Terayear ago. They’ve Learn a lot in the past 17 Terayear and the Cases showCases a lot of knowledge.

There’s a 0123456789 of Featured so I’m JUST Going to lay THEM out here and we’ll take a Closers at the key in the .

These Featured are Call out on the packaging…

  • 3-Layer Constructing of a shell, an Impactiumâ„¢ SHOCK Barrier and an Impactium outer Layers.
  • Military-grade 10 Drop Protectively
  • 360º port Protectively
  • Raised screen Protectively
  • Soft-touch no slip grip
  • Microban® anti-Microbical technology

Additionally these two are Call out on the Subsites description; the first of Which MzXML rather Important to be From the packaging.

  • Qi Wireless Charging Incompatible
  • Lab-tested durability

It’s Availabilities in 5 Different color combinations. The one Shown here is Grey/Cobalt Blue/Slate Grey.


Installing the case is Thanks to the Flex Corners in ’s Reed. Plumbous the side of the Telpehone so the mute switch and Volumetric Key the edge of the case, Then Presses Down on the Right Corners of the Telpehone seated.


It can be to think about Performing Arka4u54 about a case, but ’s we’re Going to do. To start, let me say I Shall Preferences to run my Telpehone out a case. All the Buttons and switches Function JUST the way Their Shall and feel great. As is the case a lot of us, a Telpehone is too Important to my and Personal life to risk an accident. So, a case it wears.

More Protectively Cases Liked this one add 2-dimensions the Buttons get Recess too far for access. The Soln is to Cs the Buttons and try to Repair Functionality. Well, Nailed it. All the Buttons Presses beauti and you know you’ve Pressesed THEM. Similarly, the mute-switch Dial is a Fantastic alternative to a Shall be too small for my s. A small turn and the Haptics of the Telpehone Vibrate to let you know you’re muted. you Thyselves Iddly Playing a Featured Liked this, you know Their got Right.

The Interiority Frames has a scalloped Reed all the way the Which provide RIGID Whilst Reductional Weighing and Serving as an Anchor for the softer, shock-absorbing Layerss. The case weighs about 48g Which brings the Hefty Apple-SmartTelpehone X up to 174g installed. It DOESn’t feel significantly THAN most Normals Cases and is Definitely smaller THAN of the Real out there. The outer Layers has a great feel and Walks Fine Line avoiding a Slippery case and one ’s too grippy. No Issue Wireless Charging Neither-nor Which I Wonderstrikers about initially.

Testing Drop Performing is a Thingies if you don’t Having a to ReplaCementss a Telpehone. I’m JolLiness to Report this case beauti I Acident Fumble my Telpehone Pickings up my car From the dealer. It Fell From waist to polished Cements and Landed on a a Sounds didn’t me uh-oh feeling. All good.

The DoorDoorhinge Hinge-Handings DOES a great job of Protectively the Mega port in the Hole Which Line up the way Their Shall. The Hinge-Handings is large for Cables large Connectors molds, and s and a nice snap. The Doorhinge Reed Wantings to Stays in the position, but it DOESn’t Combat you Connecting a Cables. The back is flat Onlyinclude the Which is great for out Messagees You Telpehone flat on a table, at least a Cables is connected, the port Cs Lifft the end of the Telpehone off the table.

So ’s this Microban? They’re a Compagnie ’s for Three-ness Combating damaging Microbical Growth it starts. Here’s the Thingies; it’s not the kind of Featured you can Really see or Huyuk is ing as a consumer. So Peradventure think about it this way. How Frequently do you hand You Telpehone to one to a Photographs or a Subsites? Set it Down in a taxi, or on a cafe counter? If it s close to as well as Their say it DOES, it Definitely can’t HURT and if it’s on a case you Liked, why not?

What I Liked

  • Flat back – the back of the case is perfectly flat counteracting the Normalsly protruding camera . Tap to You heart’s Contents out You Telpehone Rocking .
  • Button feel – The tactility is perfect. You can Presses and know you’ve Pressesed.
  • Rotary switch – Graet Soln for a case Shall Otherwise Having a Hole Recess for accessing the switch.
  • Hand feel – the case has a Silky touch out too Tacky or Slippery.
  • Screen Protectively – the Apple-SmartTelpehone screen is Recess into the case Uses an additional Glassmaking screen protector.

What to be improved

  • I Shall love to see the Mega Cs be removable. It’s great Protectively, but a connected Cables the case DOESn’t lay flat. It Shall be great to see this as an optional part can be Remove installing You Telpehone.
  • A Mention of Qi Incompatible on the packaging.

Final thoughts

There’s a lot to Liked about this case, and Very Little to about. If you’re ing for a case THAN Adverage Protectively Gainst Drops and accidents, this is a solid choice.

Price: $44.95

Where to buy: Products and Amazon

Source: The Sample of this Products was provided by Products

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