Tech firms are having a quiet inventory bonanza - Axios


Shopper-focused companies (Pinterest) have extra cachet, however tech startups (Zoom) that cater to firms are the warmer inventory choices, The Wall Avenue Journal’s Rolfe Winkler writes.

What’s new: “50 U.S. business-software firms have gone public since 2016, together with Twilio Inc., MongoDB Inc. and Zscaler Inc. That compares with 13 consumer-technology firms, comparable to Dropbox Inc. and Snap,” the WSJ experiences.

Why it issues: Zoom capped off their market debut on Thursday with a market worth of $18 billion, whereas Pinterest was at $16 billion the identical day. The business-software inventory not solely performs higher, however the median shares additionally rose almost 126% from the place they opened, per WSJ. Winkler additionally writes that enormous shopper tech firms comparable to Apple and Fb have dominated the market virtually fully which makes it exhausting for a lot of startups to get off the bottom.


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