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Properly, that took a flip. As if a dead-again Mary Winchester (Samantha Smith) wasn’t already a sign that Supernatural was diving head first into The Dangerous Place as its penultimate season wrapped up, Chuck (Rob Benedict) determined to grace the Bunker together with his presence, and he suggested that he solely does that when it is actually unhealthy — not even the primary apocalypse was, in his thoughts, unhealthy sufficient to warrant a go to from God himself.

That is the place we’ve to pause for a second and attempt to purchase Chuck’s — and by extension, the writers’ — BS for a second. Chuck has lengthy been the proxy by means of which the Supernatural writers work together with their very own textual content, resulting in quite a lot of meta moments through the years. Chuck’s look in “Moriah” was no exception, and his actions within the finale will, undoubtedly, have far-reaching impacts on Supernatural‘s last season.

We had been in a position to tolerate Chuck’s assertion that Jack (Alexander Calvert) was a higher risk than anything the Winchesters have confronted if solely as a result of Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) themselves had been having none of it. I am certain that Sam and I had been making the identical squinty not-buying-that-nonsense face throughout Chuck’s pontificating, and maintaining in thoughts that the character of Chuck is actually the writers writing themselves into the story, the self-reflection was appreciated. It was proper to acknowledge that not each season has been nice — that a few of them have not even been significantly good. We have yet one more season left on this loopy highway journey from (and to) Hell, and it is vital to put all of it out, particularly with a present as hopelessly tangled with its fandom as Supernatural is.

The place are we, heading into the 15th and last season of Supernatural? An excellent place, narratively talking. A really unhealthy place, so far as the overall well being and wellness of the Winchesters and their Group Free Will associates are involved.

After Chuck supplied a magical gun that would kill Jack, with the caveat that it will additionally kill whoever fired it, we adopted Dean and Sam down the standard path of drunken lamentations and arguing about which brother’s flip it’s to placed on the hero pants and die all noble and stuff. Dean and Sam themselves appeared nearly uninterested in the dialog that hit all of the excessive notes and nonetheless managed to sound as flat and unremarkable as attainable. I wish to imagine that this was intentional — that after 14 seasons, the Winchesters are as exhausted by this routine as we’re.

That exhaustion and sense of being trapped on this forever-cycle of death-resurrection-apocalypse got here to a head when Chuck let slip that he is been watching Sam and Dean this complete time, pulling the strings behind the scenes to make their narrative entertain him nevertheless he needed to be entertained. The horrible issues that the Winchesters have survived through the years grow to be all of the extra horrific when it is revealed that their final ally, the deus ex machina in its purest kind, capital-G God, did not simply fail to intervene when he simply might have, however at occasions actively contributed to their distress, and completely loved each second of it.

Dean finally refuses to kill Jack, and Chuck is enraged by the character — his creation, his character — refusing to take part within the story that Chuck, the author, needed to inform. Proving that he wasn’t bluffing, that he actually might have saved everybody at each level through the years and all of the magical weapons and spells and doodads had been simply props in Chuck’s personal private morality play, Chuck kills Jack with a snap of his fingers. Enraged by his characters rebelling, Chuck decides to simply toss the entire story within the trash bin.

Sadly for the remainder of us, “the entire story” is not restricted to simply Sam and Dean Winchester. Chuck creates a brand new apocalypse, cracking open Hell and sending quite a lot of acquainted faces again out into the world — Bloody Mary, the Lady in White, John Wayne Gacy’s ghost. He resurrects a horde of undead (PROPER ZOMBIES FINALLY!) and sics them on Dean, Sam, and Castiel (Misha Collins) as a result of it would not be a Supernatural season finale if everybody wasn’t hanging out in a cemetery ready for the tip of days. Certain, a wounded Sam and overwhelmed Dean and Castiel had been overtaken by the undead because the credit rolled, however is anybody actually involved that they are not going to make it by means of to the Season 15 premiere?

Regardless of how arduous it’s to place an excessive amount of weight within the Winchesters’ mortal peril today, the attract of Season 15 continues to be simple. With the resurrection of monsters and ghosts the Winchesters had put down years in the past and the obvious last abandonment by God/Chuck, Season 15 seems poised to be a love letter to the sequence and its followers. If Chuck was pulling the strings your complete time, then Group Free Will was by no means actually free. With Chuck seeming to desert his story, then that signifies that his characters have lastly discovered freedom, lower unfastened from their narratives and their roles.

Or have they? In any case, Dean, Sam, and Cas are characters. Each character wants an writer, or else they’re simply an thought, drifting in a form of inventive limbo, not absolutely realized or full.

Season 15 goes to be SO META, and I’m SO READY for it.

(Disclosure: TV Information is owned by CBS Interactive, a division of CBS Company.)

Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, <em>Supernatural</em>Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, Supernatural


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