Unusual house objects, from the Demise Star to a butterfly


Mimas, the Demise Star moon

Be part of us on a romp via the universe as we have a look at wondrous photos from house, together with a Recreation of Thrones image on Mars, Mr. Hankey on Jupiter and moons that seem like you might eat them.

Saturn has dozens of moons, so it is no surprise a minimum of a couple of of them remind us of extra Earthly objects. The moon Mimas is a sci-fi favourite due to its resemblance to the Demise Star from Star Wars. 

Mimas is 246 miles (396 kilometers) in diameter, which is way bigger than the Demise Star is meant to be. The big spherical crater seen on the aspect here’s a useless ringer for the massive dish on the Demise Star. 

Replace, April 26, 2019: Provides photos of comet 67P, Ultima Thule, Jupiter and others.


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