Avengers: Endgame – Our Principle on Loki, the Tesseract and His Disney+ Present



“I’m burdened with wonderful function.”

This text incorporates FULL SPOILERS for Avengers: Endgame.

Ever since a Loki standalone collection was introduced for the Disney+ streaming service, followers have speculated how the beloved God of Mischief may return to the MCU, following his seemingly everlasting demise in Avengers: Infinity Warfare. After all, some theorized that he faked out Thanos with an phantasm of himself after which acquired the hell out of Dodge earlier than Grimace destroyed the Asgardian ship, however the Russo brothers have maintained that he actually died, so we’re taking them at their phrase.

However the occasions of Avengers: Endgame might have launched a Loki loophole that simply opens the door for brand new adventures – and even perhaps a means again into the primary MCU timeline if our model of Thor’s sneaky adoptive brother is certainly useless. When Iron Man, Captain America, Ant-Man, and Hulk revisit New York in 2012, our heroes try to steal the Tesseract and Loki’s scepter proper out from beneath their previous selves, following the occasions of the Battle of New York and Loki’s defeat.

However actions have penalties, and issues go sideways whereas Tony and Scott try to swipe the Tesseract from Previous Tony. Simply when Prime Timeline Tony is making off with the case containing the Cosmic Dice, he will get steamrolled by an indignant Hulk who is not too happy with being pressured to take the steps. The blow sends the Tesseract sliding proper to a captive Loki’s ft, and the Trickster god instantly swipes the dice and portals away to components unknown. Quite than trying to trace him down, Tony and Steve pivot and resolve to return to 1970 to nab an earlier model of the Tesseract from Camp Lehigh in New Jersey, leaving this model of Loki at giant with one of many Infinity Stones.

Of their rush to get their fingers on any model of the Area Stone, Steve and Tony do not cease to contemplate the ramifications of this (in all probability as a result of they don’t seem to be getting the identical lecture on the significance of preserving the stones of their appropriate time and place by the Historical One, the way in which Bruce is).

In accordance with the time journey guidelines established by Endgame – iffy although they’re - if a significant deviation from the prevailing timeline happens, it creates a department timeline wherein historical past will play out a special means from the purpose of that change. Clearly, our Tony, Steve, and Scott do not know or care about what may occur to their previous selves on this model of 2012, as a result of they’re assured it might probably’t change their future (as a result of it is already their previous! Or one thing.)

However for the Tony, Steve, and particularly Thor of this alternate 2012, life simply acquired much more troublesome. Even when Prime Timeline Steve goes again to return the Infinity Stones to their appropriate locations on the finish of Endgame, there is no means of fixing Loki’s pilfering of the Tesseract except Steve actually goes again to 2012 once more and prevents Loki from disappearing with it in entrance of everybody (which, once more, you’d assume would create one other, totally different department timeline that also would not alter his preliminary theft. Does your head harm but?)

So 2012 Loki has the Tesseract. We are able to play this out to a logical conclusion: that both this 2012 model of Loki may give the Tesseract to Thanos to try to win again his favor after shedding his takeover of Earth, or that Thor will recapture his brother and put him again in Asgardian jail, or that Thanos finally may reach monitoring Loki down and killing him for the stone the way in which he did in Infinity Warfare anyway. But it surely’s additionally doable that this previous Loki may now be on the lam all through house (and doubtlessly time), which definitely looks like a promising premise for a present. Or, as IGN’s Tom Jorgensen places it within the video above, “like Physician Who, if the Physician was an actual jerk.”

It is value noting that Marvel describes the Area Stone (or Area Gem, because it’s recognized within the comics) as giving its wielder “the power to teleport wherever within the Omniverse, [or to teleport] the person or somebody touching him/her to anyplace they might image mentally, or anybody touching the person may image, even to different dimensions.” On this means, it is totally doable that this previous model of Loki may transport himself to a special timeline or dimension, both to remain off 2012 Thanos’ radar or simply to see what mischief he can wreak in different universes.

IGN spoke to Endgame administrators Joe and Anthony Russo earlier than we noticed Endgame, and requested them how the brand new Disney+ Loki present impacts his obvious demise in Infinity Warfare. On the time, Joe Russo’s reply appeared like a dodge, however in hindsight, it is also a clue:

“Not every little thing strikes linear now within the Marvel universe,” he identified. “I believe it’s enjoyable for the viewers to have the ability to return and revisit that character, regardless that he now not goes to maneuver ahead within the linear story.”

Clearly, this is also a reference to the rumored plot of the Loki collection, which can reportedly comply with the Trickster “as he shape-shifts and pops up all through human historical past, influencing historic occasions.” In that means, the present may choose up with the prime timeline model of Loki lots of or hundreds of years earlier than his demise in Infinity Warfare, with out messing with any alternate timelines. But when time is now not strictly linear within the MCU, which means characters do not essentially have to maneuver in a linear means via house or time, particularly in the event that they’re in possession of a stone that actually permits you to bend house and time.

One other level in multiverse-traveling Loki’s favor? The Disney+ present has tapped Rick and Morty writer-producer Michael Waldron as its showrunner, and if anybody is aware of about shenanigans via alternate universes, it is a Rick and Morty alum.

Do you suppose we’ll see 2012 Loki and the Tesseract within the new Disney+ collection, or do you suppose the present will comply with a youthful model of the Prime Timeline’s God of Mischief? Share your theories within the feedback, and for extra on the closing chapter of Avengers, try our clarification for the opposite large timeline tease, the place Gamora is after Endgame, how Captain America may carry Thor’s hammer, and who that thriller child was at Tony’s funeral. Plus learn why we predict Loki is the right character for a Disney+ present.


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