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We have so many questions!

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Calling Avengers: Endgame a dense film is like saying Tony Stark has a fascination with metalworking. In different phrases, it is a huge understatement.

Because the fruits of 22 movies within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Endgame has the unenviable process of wrapping up a decade’s value of story and character arcs and, in fact, addressing that huge cliff-hanger on the finish of Infinity Conflict.

For essentially the most half, it succeeds, providing followers — particularly hard-core followers who’ve obsessed over the MCU movies — a satisfying conclusion. That it will possibly serve so many alternative features and work as an entertaining blockbuster in its personal proper is a testomony to the imaginative and prescient of Marvel Studios and the ability of Endgame administrators Anthony and Joe Russo.

Nevertheless it’s not excellent. And after a little bit of reflection, you would possibly scratch your head on the implications of a few of Endgame’s twists.

If you have not watched the movie, STOP READING NOW. That is your spoiler warning.


Critically, again away now.

Listed here are the largest questions we’ve got after Endgame:

What is the take care of Hawkeye’s new getup?

Let’s begin with a straightforward one earlier than we actually go down the rabbit gap. 

Comics followers will acknowledge Clint Barton’s change from Hawkeye to Ronin, however the film did not totally clarify the necessity for the brand new id and costume. I get that dropping your loved ones is traumatic, however does it justify a hero costume makeover — to not point out a full-sleeve tattoo? And the place the heck did he get these new weapons and equipment? He would not have the assist of SHIELD anymore, so is he independently rich like Bruce Wayne?

It appears Hawkeye is a sufferer of the restricted character improvement he is had up to now. Endgame makes it as much as him, however there’s slightly an excessive amount of without delay.

At the very least he appears cool although.


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Avengers: Endgame is an exhilarating sequel to each MCU…


What about these 5 years?

Early in Endgame the story jumps forward 5 years, displaying the survivors dwelling with the fallout of what is been referred to as “The Decimation.” When the Avengers save the day, everybody returns to the current, 5 years after the disaster. It is a daring determination that ensures the MCU stays scarred by Thanos’ notorious snap.

However the five-year hole results in plenty of questions. What in regards to the individuals who died in these 5 years? And as fellow CNET editor Mike Sorrentino identified, what if somebody moved on in life and remarried in that interval? That may make for an ungainly reunion.

On prime of that, can humanity even rebuild from changing into a postapocalyptic society? It is exhausting to see everybody going again to the best way issues had been, although that gave the impression to be the implication once we noticed Peter Parker returning to highschool.

Talking of which…

How will Section Four deal with the time leap?

The trailers for Spider-Man: Far From Residence — the closing film within the MCU’s Section 3 — trace at Peter Parker and buddies on a enjoyable worldwide romp via Europe. Ought to we assume they had been all affected by The Snap however are actually persevering with their training 5 years later like nothing occurred? Has worldwide tourism simply picked up the place it left off? How will Far From Residence deal with the time leap?

The ramifications are much more severe with Black Panther, whose sequel will seemingly be a part of Section 4. Wakanda misplaced its king, and his sister, for 5 years. What occurred? Did another person take over? And does T’Challa mechanically regain the throne after his return?

One of many closing scenes had T’Challa overlooking his kingdom alongside Queen Ramanda and Shuri. However that glosses over some severe constitutional questions on how issues operated whereas he was gone.


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The perfect second from each Marvel Cinematic Universe…


What in regards to the historical past of the MCU?

Any time you utilize time journey in a narrative, you are going to open cracks in logic. The Russo brothers admirably tried to button up the leaks by having Captain America return the stones to their varied locations within the timeline — however that does not repair every thing.

As an illustration…

Are there two Captain Americas now?

We’ve the unique Steve Rogers frozen in ice till he awoke within the 21st century MCU, as we noticed within the motion pictures. However now there is a second, older Steve Rogers hanging out in Peggy Carter’s dwelling within the intervening years. It is a stretch to think about Captain America staying hidden all that point.

The place the heck is Loki?

Through the Again to the Future-style journey again to the occasions of the unique Avengers film, Scott Lang and Tony Stark’s try and nab the House Stone backfires, permitting the freshly apprehended Loki to nab the gem and disappear.

Finally, did Loki’s escape change his destiny by the hands of Thanos in Infinity Conflict? It is believable, given studies that Disney Plus is engaged on an unique present based mostly on the character.

But when that is true, then would not it have affected the occasions of Thor: The Darkish World, additionally revisited in Endgame? However throughout Thor’s personal time-jaunt we briefly see Loki in a cell, so the timeline wasn’t altered.

How are Nebula and Gamora alive?

When Current Good Nebula shoots Previous Evil Nebula, should not Current Good Nebula stop to exist, just like the {photograph} in Again to the Future? Alternatively, if it did occur to Previous Evil Nebula, then Current Good Nebula ought to keep in mind it, and in flip that reminiscence would’ve been downloaded so Previous Evil Nebula would see the hit coming.

And do not get us began on how there’s now an alternate model of Gamora.

Did Infinity Conflict even occur?

Thanos and his crew jumped forward from 2013 (in the course of the unique Guardians of the Galaxy) to the current, and are defeated. So past-Thanos could not have manipulated the occasions that led to Infinity Conflict. If he by no means gathered the stones, Tony could not have undone the snap, which did not even occur anyway.  

And now my head hurts…

Can the gauntlet revive Thanos?

Do not forget, the gauntlet continues to be round.

Did Captain America reconnect with the Purple Cranium?

Keep in mind, Cap went again in time to return all the Infinity Stones, proper? If he returned the soul stone to Vormir, would not he have run into the Purple Cranium? Granted, Purple Cranium was seemingly free of his burden of watching over the stone, however it’s not like he has a ship to take him off planet. 

That may be a heck of an ungainly reunion. 

Would Tony Stark again his mind up?

He is finished it in the comics. Or perhaps I am nonetheless in denial about dropping Robert Downey Jr. Let’s hope the Avengers do not pluck a teenage Tony from earlier within the timeline both… that is occurred too.

Is Black Widow actually useless?

That is one dying that appears everlasting, because it completes Natasha Romanov’s arc as a loner spy who discovered a household value sacrificing herself for. As she mentioned in Avengers, “I’ve obtained crimson in my ledger, I might wish to wipe it out.” Think about it wiped.

However there’s the persistent buzz that Black Widow will star in her personal movie. Positive, it may very well be a prequel, however this can be a comedian ebook universe, and deaths are all too simply reversed. The truth is, of all of the individuals left supposedly useless on the finish of Endgame, three — Black Widow, Loki and the Imaginative and prescient — are all headlining future MCU motion pictures and TV reveals.

The place’s Imaginative and prescient?

With WandaVision coming to the Disney Plus streaming service, there was an opportunity that Imaginative and prescient would return. However apart from a passing reference on the finish by Wanda, Imaginative and prescient was nowhere to be discovered. The present may very well be a prequel to Infinity Conflict, however in that film Shuri was engaged on separating Imaginative and prescient from his Infinity Stone — might he be resurrected with out it?

Is Hulk’s consciousness gone?

Bruce Banner and the Hulk have merged into “Professor Hulk.” It appears Bruce is extra in management, presumably submerging the Hulk persona we final noticed in Thor: Ragnarok. How did that even occur? It is a fairly large deal to simply clarify away as taking place offscreen.

Does Thor ever eat a salad?

Massive Stomach Thor is the perfect Thor.

CNET’s Iyaz Akhtar, Michael Sorrentino and Sean Keane contributed to this story.

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Up to date at 11:24 a.m. PT: Provides an extra query in regards to the Purple Cranium.


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