‘Yeti’ footprints seen by Indian Military elevate ridiculous questions


The Indian Military may suppose these are Yeti footprints.

Indian Military

Yeti. The abominable snowman. Bigfoot’s snow-loving cousin. The cryptid creature is getting some consideration from the Indian Military, which despatched out a tweet Monday saying a mountaineering group noticed mysterious Yeti footprints close to a base camp at Makalu mountain in Nepal.

It is exhausting to inform if the tweet from the department of the Indian Armed Forces is supposed to be humorous because it reads very deadpan. It additionally features a critical group portrait of the military’s Mountaineering Expedition group and a point out of a earlier Yeti sighting at Makalu-Barun Nationwide Park previously.

The Indian Military did not instantly reply to a request for remark. 

The purported footprints are odd in some ways. For starters, the military says they measure 32 inches (81 centimeters) lengthy and 15 inches (38 centimeters) huge, which is about twice so long as an elephant’s footprint. There is a lengthy distance between every print and so they’re specified by a really straight line that does not correspond to a standard bipedal stride.   

As to doable explanations, the indentations might be the work of snowshoes, a prank, an actual animal, or perhaps a Bigfoot on trip within the Himalayas (jk). 

Biologist Charlotte Lindqvist with the College at Buffalo led a 2017 DNA examine that discovered so-called Yeti bones, pores and skin and hair truly got here from bears and a canine. 

“Thus far, our findings and all genetic proof extracted from claimed yeti stays have demonstrated that they got here from bears that stay on the area as we speak,” Lindqvist mentioned. “No analysis has confirmed the alternative and I’m not in any respect satisfied these footprints present any new proof to show in any other case.”

Depend me in with the skeptics on this one. 


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