Thanos vs. Recreation of Thrones Night time King: Here is who’d win


If you happen to’re a fan of Marvel and Recreation of Thrones, this previous weekend was insane. After seeing the 3-hour Avengers: Endgame after which the hour-and-a-half Battle of Winterfell GoT episode, I could not assist however examine their implausible villains, Thanos and the Night time King. OK, in GoT there are a lot of villains and Cersei might be the worst one. However the Night time King and Thanos are extra fascinating to check as a result of there are such a lot of similarities between them. Plus, I simply need to see that battle.

Warning: Many spoilers lie forward.

Apparently, I am not the one one questioning how muscular Grimace would maintain up towards the world’s greatest ice spear thrower. Joe and Anthony Russo, who directed Endgame, tweeted an image of Thanos and the Night time King standing face-to-face as if they may battle.

They wrote, “Whoever created this… it is superior. #WeWannaSeeThisFight

The mashup paintings was from digital artist Jeff Cole who based Ikonick, the canvas artwork retailer. The image exhibits the huge Thanos standing on the best behind his double-bladed sword — so large it may sub in as a helicopter rotor. On the left is the human-sized Night time King, standing behind his dragon-killing ice blade spear.

Thanos and the Night time King even have so much in widespread, from their hive-minded armies to their monstrous weapons. Each are supremely clever, typically anticipating their foes a number of strikes prematurely, and each are immortal — properly, till they meet a Stark.

These similarities would make any battle between the 2 fairly balanced. However there’s one large distinction between the 2: Thanos is alive and the Night time King is lifeless. So Thanos’ notorious snap in Avengers: Infinity Battle would not have any impact on the Night time King. Beneath are a number of situations the place I feel Thanos would win and and some the place the Night time King would win.


Each have a formidable vary of powers, although those Thanos possesses (in each the movies and comics) appear extra helpful. He has some ways to prevail towards the Night time King and wights — with or with out the Infinity Stones.

Night time King:

  • Energy
  • Fireplace resistant (even dragon fireplace)
  • Turns metallic weapons into ice mud (besides Valyrian metal)
  • Reanimates lifeless individuals and animals, creating wights
  • Creates White Walkers from child boys
  • Weaponizes climate
  • Marksmanship (see: throwing an ice spear to kill Daenerys’ dragon Viserion)
  • Rides a zombie dragon


  • Energy
  • Sturdiness
  • Psychic talents
  • Manipulates matter
  • Controls cosmic vitality
  • Can use all of the Infinity Stones

Winner: Thanos

Wights vs. Chitauri and Outriders

The Night time King creates his military from the lifeless. These killed in battle, like on the Battle of Winterfell, might be reanimated into wights by the Night time King. In principle his zombie military may develop indefinitely.

Wights are related to one another and the White Walkers like a bee hive. This hive connection can be their weak spot. If a White Walker or the Night time King is killed, all these wights lose their animating pressure and revert to loss of life.

Thanos has a military of Chitauri and Outriders (assume Chitauri 2.0), which even have a hive thoughts and may assault and swarm strategically throughout battle. Nonetheless, if their command ship is destroyed they die immediately.

In a battle between these two armies, I feel Thanos would initially have the benefit as a result of his military has autos that may fly and rip via the bottom. It is simple to think about the Outriders’ Threshers plowing via hordes of wights immediately.

Nonetheless, if the Night time King is ready to survive lengthy sufficient to lift the Chitauri lifeless, he would be capable of replenish his losses and finally overwhelm Thanos. That will give the dried-Elmer’s-glue-for-a-crown king the proper opening for an ice spear kill shot on Thanos.

Winner: Night time King

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Thanos vs. Night time King, no armies

We’ve not seen the Night time King battle in shut fight on GoT. In season 8, episode Three he shortly disarms and stabs a charging Theon Greyjoy. So he has some strikes, however he was additionally outdone by Arya Stark, which speaks extra to her talents and fast pondering than an absence in his.

Thanos is an absolute machine with regards to preventing shut. He can take hits from the Hulk, Captain Marvel or Captain America wielding a protect and Thor’s  hammer Mjolnir. When Thanos is overwhelmed, he finds a method to regain his floor. And if he has Infinity Stones, he is an professional at utilizing them to overpower his enemies, like when he pulled a moon out of orbit to hit Iron Man or when he used the ability stone to slug Captain Marvel.

If Thanos and the Night time King met in a cage battle, my cash can be on Thanos. However this would not be a simple knockout. The battle would seemingly begin off as sword fight. I do not assume Thanos’ sword would crumble when it struck the Night time King’s ice blade. Thanos’ sword appears to be made out of a extremely sturdy materials — in Endgame he was in a position to harm Captain America’s vibranium protect.

Thanos is an completed fighter and with out weapons he would positively overtake the Night time King. At Eight ft tall he’s big in comparison with the Night time King and the battle may go down just like the one in Rocky III between Thunderlips (aka Hulk Hogan) and Rocky Balboa.

If the battle was out within the open, nonetheless, the Night time King may produce a blizzard to obscure his assaults towards Thanos. Then, the Night time King may use his highly effective and correct long-distance ice spear throws to weaken Thanos. However I do not assume the Night time King would ever be capable of create a zombie Thanos, as a result of the Mad Titan is immortal.

Look, regardless of who would win in these completely different situations, a Thanos versus Night time King matchup can be entertaining as hell. Maybe if Marvel and HBO want cash in 10 years there shall be an AVP: Alien vs. Predator fashion movie that can correctly handle this fictional throwdown.

Initially revealed April 29 at 2 p.m. PT


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