Man Makes use of iPhone As Beer Bottle Opener; Cellphone Breaks at Second Try (Watch Video)


Man Uses iPhone As Beer Bottle Opener; Phone Breaks at Second Attempt (Watch Video)

Man makes use of Iphone to open beer bottle (Picture Credit: YouTube)

It is weekend which additionally means for lots of people it is the time to carry out the beer bottles. Nevertheless, if you don’t discover a bottle opener within the neighborhood, we might recommend you purchase one, as a result of, iPhones are by no means the reply. Video of a person opening a beer bottle with an iPhone has gone viral on social media platforms. The clip reveals him opening the glass bottle with the again of his telephone and guess what? He succeeds, in all probability giving him the required impetus to strive the tactic once more. Taiwanese Man Swallows Apple Airpod! After Passing By way of Digestive System It Nonetheless Works High-quality, Calls it ‘Magical’.

Presumably, the good friend who was capturing the try, could be heard cheering for the person as he goes forward with it. The person goes for the subsequent bottle and applies the identical method, however this time, it does not work. As an alternative, his iPhone breaks; the clips reveals a aspect of his telephone indifferent from the remainder of its physique.

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Whereas he was opening the primary bottle, a aspect of the telephone bends sharply in all probability giving him a sign. However the man didn’t appear to be bothered and went for the subsequent one. After the telephone breaks, the one viewers who gave him the increase laughing hysterically. The video is being extensively shared on social media with individuals laughing on the man’s foolish notion that his ‘costly’ iPhone can multitask as a bottle opener. This not the primary time somebody tried utilizing iPhone as bottle opener; many YouTubers have efficiently carried out it previously. We hope the person copes effectively with the loss and is doing advantageous.


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