Recreation of Thrones’ newest twist is a troublesome one to take and everybody could be very upset





Look, we’re used to heart-wrenching deaths on Recreation of Thrones, however that is completely different. This completely sucks.

What are you doing to us right here? Why would you do that?

OK, this is your compulsory spoiler warning. 


Can we discuss now? OK, let’s discuss.

They killed a dragon. They killed one other goddamn dragon. Rhaegal to be particular. Persons are upset. Hell, I am upset. The Evening King doing the entire “you are an ice dragon now” to Viserion was fairly dangerous, however this would possibly truly be worse.

Primarily due to who did the killing. 

Rhaegal died because of Euron Greyjoy and Cersei’s gigantic dragon crossbow factor — it is a drawback. Euron sucks. Not in an excellent, “Hello, I am Joffrey the perfect villain in TV historical past type of manner”. In a foul, “my character is a bit bizarre and other people do not actually like me” type of manner. In wrestling they name this “X-Pac warmth”.

Anyway, Twitter bought actual upset about Rhaegon basically getting murked by Euron’s fleet. Rightfully so in my humble opinion.

With Rhaegal kicking the bucket and Jon Snow placing Ghost up for adoption, it was really a tough episode for the pets.

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